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19:46, 16-05-2017

I choose marketing for my future profession. First of all, because it`s progressive and this profession never will cease to be relevant.


Real marketer like engine of company, which is able to generate new ideas for consumer and earn money for the company.

In other case marketer is the FORCE THAT propels, pushes the company from the inside to the implementation, the introduction of these ideas.

  • Good marketer is energy of company, apologive and responsible person.
  • Bad marketer do everything like all. In mistakes tend to blame someone but not himself.

Advantages of the profession:

  • One of the most popular professions.
  • Allows people to implement in himself creative, and active qualities.

Disadvantages of the profession:

  • In Ukraine, marketers are often given many responsibilities, and if they can't handle, are made guilty.
  • In Ukraine, marketers are often perceived as those who spend, and not earning money. Therefore, a marketer every day of their work to prove that the enterprise obtains benefits from it.

In which institutions can marketer work for?

Today, the work for the marketer there are any enterprise which employs at least ten people. In addition, marketing for many future specialists is method to start their own successful business.

What personal qualities should have marketer?

  • Perseverance, a willingness to bring and implement ideas despite the resistance of more conservative colleagues.
  • The desire to create something new, interesting, to be paraproctitis.
  • Responsibility.

Duties of  marketer are:

  • Collection and analysis of data about the preferences of the buyers. This process is carried out through the analysis of sales outlets or through marketing research.
  • Collect information about sales, based on which analyzes the demand.
  • Conduct marketing research. To do this, hire interviewers who directly communicate with consumers.
  • Monitoring industry, which is promoted products. An analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of competitive brands.
  • The promotion of products. Concept development and recommendations, which theoretically can help in increasing sales.
  • Entering data into a program that will conduct a thorough analysis and present the result in a convenient graphics.
  • Preparation of reports and presentation of recommendations for promotion to boss.

The work of the marketer is very versatile and interesting. In fact, besides a complex and painstaking analytical part, you get a lot of adrenaline and the opportunity to Express their creativity.

Prospects of the profession Marketing is one of the most promising professions. You get a lot of opportunities that are just waiting for the moment when you decide to use them. Indeed, except for simple highly specialized posts, before you open the door to higher management. Marketers always have something to strive for and to grow. It is important to improve constantly, even while at the pinnacle of success. One of the main advantages of this profession is its youth and a broad range of responsibilities. After having such a huge amount of knowledge and skills, even a failed career marketer you will easily be able to find a number of more narrowly focused specialties.

An article written by Savenko Anastasia (student of marketing, group MRD-11)


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