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The use of project work in the English language class for IT specialties

13:38, 20-09-2022

One of the most common innovative learning technologies is the project methodology, which has become relevant in the higher education system due to the need to train competitive specialists for the modern labor market. Project activities and the design of communicative situations allow creating specific models of students' professional activities and contribute to the ability to determine ways of personal integration into the labor market.

The project also ensures that the student acquires the skills of a researcher. Implementation of the project allows the participant of interactive interaction to compare his own activity with the normative model and to determine directions of self-development. As a pedagogical technology, the project involves a combination of research and problem-based learning methods and integration of knowledge from various scientific fields. The basis of the project method is the development of cognitive skills and critical thinking, the ability to independently construct knowledge, orient oneself in the information space. This is a training system in which knowledge and skills are acquired in the process of independent planning and implementation of practical project tasks.

Work on the project can be carried out individually or in a group. The advantage of personal projects focused on the independent activity of students is the formation of research and presentation skills. Working in groups develops cooperation skills, encourages creative search, which has a positive effect on the quality of project execution. The results of work within projects can be presented in the form of video presentations, murals, posters, etc. In the process of project activity, the teacher acts as a coordinator, consultant.

In order to organize effective communication among students, the teacher must possess the technology of competent application of the techniques of the project method, the technology of forming groups, coordinating the interaction of groups, controlling the quality and time of interaction. When choosing objects of project activity, the teacher should also take into account the level of students' training and their interest. Therefore, the use of the project method in the process of formation of foreign language professional competence allows to provide students with the opportunity to independently acquire knowledge in the process of solving practical professional tasks that require the integration of knowledge from the specialty and a foreign language.

The project methodology allows not only to increase the motivation of the process of learning a foreign language of a professional orientation, but also to familiarize students with the algorithm of project activities and forms a personal research experience that ensures the development of professional competence and meets the social demand of society.

The use of interactive educational and multimedia technologies, professional-oriented and problem-based approaches to learning with the achievement of communicative goals through professional interactive activities will contribute to the further improvement of the process of learning English in professional areas and the formation of foreign language professional competence in students of the 1st and 2nd year of the State University of Telecommunications.

Scientific-methodological report was performed by senior teacher of the English language Department N. Hlukhovska

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