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15:42, 19 april 2022
Globalization and English language are said to work as pull factors for one another. English language plays a major role in the progress of Globalization. Globalization of trade and commerce, increasing diversities of work force with different setup values have increased the importance of English language usage.
18:32, 18 april 2022
Youth slang - the most dynamic, emotionally rich, bright component of the vocabulary of English language. How to learn to understand and use slang in your speech? If you come to the UK to study or work, and therefore, the period of your stay in the country will not be limited to a few days or weeks of tourist leave, and the circle of communication will consist not only of friends who came with you and the employees of the hotel in which you stayed, you will have to face some barrier in communication.
18:24, 17 april 2022
Modern changes in the education system require higher education institutions to introduce innovative teaching methods and approaches. Teaching English at the State University of Telecommunications is based on a model of learning that puts the student in an active position, where the learning process is based on search and research activities, during which there is not only exchange of information and opinions, but also debates and discussions.
18:29, 14 april 2022
The report examines and analyzes the most commonly used Internet resources for learning English listening and describes the relevance of using textual aids (transcripts, subtitles / signatures, glossaries, online dictionaries, grammar explanations, cultural explanations, feedback) in case of comprehension problems text, as well as to achieve the didactic objectives of the lesson. The material will help to understand what you need to pay attention to when choosing a resource, explore how students use the aids of websites, which of them are the most useful and most used.
17:48, 12 april 2022
The playful, expressive principle is realized in the massive, hypertrophied Americanization of "systemic" slang, which allegedly acts as a collective mask-show, a means of carnivalization (here we see a hidden allusion to the famous works of M.M. Bakhtin on the carnival-laughter culture of the European average). It is also important to note that lexical "American-Ukrainian hybrids", as a rule, act as nominees for new concepts for the Ukrainian linguistic culture.
11:25, 31 march 2022
The issue of how to improve students’ writing skills in the era of fast developing ICT and computer science is evidently on the agenda of modern linguists and language teachers. That is why the aim of their research is primarily focused on the subject how to build up students’ writing skills. These particular study are devoted to the utilization in the teaching process of Innovation Teaching Strategy Model (ITSM). They are based on the social culture and local wisdom context in addition to utilizing Information Computer Technology (ICT). Using this approach motivates the students to have a higher level of thinking and better performance in writing skills in the process of learning English language.
10:44, 23 february 2022
The formation of foreign language professional competence in the context of digital era is impossible without the use of the Internet, which allows you to join the global information community, get acquainted with the latest research, scientific conferences, search for articles, abstracts, communicate with native speakers in real time, use multimedia programs for practical classes and distance learning.
11:55, 09 february 2022
English idioms and expressions are an important part of everyday English. They come up all the time in both written and spoken English. That may seem like a lot of work, but learning idioms is fun, especially when you compare English idioms to the idioms in your own language. Let’s look through the idioms related to winter themes.
13:17, 02 february 2022
It is one of 5 Popular ESL Teaching Methods. It is a modern popular approach with the teacher as a mere learning facilitator. By asking questions and solving problems, student motivation and participation in tasks and projects are thought to increase rapidly and efficiently in a language learning. Why is this teaching method productive and important?
13:56, 27 janyary 2022
EL Department Teachers try to avoid the common education model, using approaches that not always used in the classical educational process. Traditional methods of teaching English are wrllknown, but what about the approach that is not quite standard and unusual? Let me introduce you the following psychological methods during English teaching process.

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