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13:27, 15 december 2021
Cloud technologies occupy more and more fields of computer technologies. It solves a bunch of problems and is totally suitable for all kind of businesses: from small startups to vast enterprise. There is always an issue, which faced all web servers – high load or lack of traffic at all. In the first case, customers might experience slow work of a service, which cause customers drain and as a result less revenue than expected. The second case leads to losing profit as well, since even without customers, business has to maintain its own servers.
11:32, 14 december 2021
Over the past three decades, academic English has attracted considerable attention from researchers. A great deal of the research has been driven by pedagogical motives, which are closely related to the increase in the number of students at universities acquiring English for academic purposes.
15:32, 11 december 2021
The event "Digital transformation based on ICT innovations for the development of the digital economy", is co-organized by ITU and the State University of Telecommunication of Ukraine. This event will be held on 15 December from 9:30 to 15:20 CET, at the State University of Telecommunication in Kyiv and virtually. ​
15:32, 08 december 2021
Have you heard of dictations, which do not make us yawn out of boredom? They are of different sort. Picture Dictation, for instance, provides that teacher dictates words and students draw what’s being dictated. They can also have a song dictation when students complete song lyrics or order the words in accordance with the content, card dictation (opposite to the picture dictation when students see images and write the text), visual dictation (teacher writes a short fragment which is read and analyzed and then written by memory), another kind of a visual dictation in which teacher erases the written text step by step and students renew it.
18:24, 29 november 2021
This brief report examines how intercultural communication studies can inform English language teaching and how students can benefit from intercultural communication training, as an integral part of foreign language learning. Culture shock was taken as an illustrative example to support this approach.
15:34, 23 november 2021
Neologisms (from Greek neo - new; logos - word) - are new words that are borrowed from other languages and appeared either as a result of the scientific progress or invented by some people - more often writers or media personalities. Owing to the development of the information technology and mobile connection, new words such as gadget, soft, smile, upgrade, selfie have become widespread and recognizable without translation into other languages. Financial sphere has obtained cryptocurrency, where the prefix crypto- borrowed from Greek, means comlpicated, mysterious. Mining is a comparatively new word as well belongs to the finance. The word farm has now not only the idea of agricultural business but is used in the meaning of making virtual money in the internet
10:25, 16 november 2021
Punctuation marks, taking up little space, perform important functions: separating several thoughts, correlating one thought with another, clarifying meanings and indicating the desired intonation.
17:33, 09 november 2021
In recent years, there have been many publications on youth slang, in general, the features of spoken language, the latest borrowing, expressive elements (which are especially characteristic of youth slang). The "Dictionary of innovations of the Ukrainian language", "New in the Ukrainian lexicon: Slovnik-reference book" are concluded. Ukrainian, Russian and English slang are actively studied.
09:25, 05 november 2021
The participation of research and teaching staff and students in scientific and scientific conferences in Ukraine and abroad, advanced training in methodological seminars and trainings have been a good tradition at the Department of English.
10:50, 26 october 2021
Currently, in connection with the development of modern means of communication, the opportunity for students to study English online has expanded. One of them is Telegram channel through which you can access unique educational content at any time. The regular use of resources from the Internet in English classes significantly increases the level of students' knowledge.

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