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Youth british slang – features of the use

18:32, 18-04-2022

Youth slang - the most dynamic, emotionally rich, bright component of the vocabulary of English language. How to learn to understand and use slang in your speech?  If you come to the UK to study or work, and therefore, the period of your stay in the country will not be limited to a few days or weeks of tourist leave, and the circle of communication will consist not only of friends who came with you and the employees of the hotel in which you stayed, you will have to face some barrier in communication. Popular phrases for communication in the hotel may not be enough for full communication. Even if you studied English online and communicated with anative speaker, you cannot always easily and simply enter the process of communicating abroad. In case if you speak English at a good level, you may be troubled by some speech turns and phrases. Most often, these phrases refer to slang.

This is not surprising: youth slang is the most dynamic, emotionally rich and bright component of the vocabulary of the English language. You can only have good slang if you live in the UK (or another country with an English-speaking population). By the way, we must remember that each country has its own youth slang.

Let's get acquainted with the most popular slang revolutions.

Youth British slang - the most popular words and phrases

Phrases of politeness:

AL right? Hello, How are you? – A phrase you can use as a greeting phrase

Hiya or Hey up – an informal greeting that is popular in the north of England

What about ye? – How are you?

Howay - Let's go! The phrase is popular in the north-east of England, often used as an alternative to Lets go or Come on

Ta Thank you – an abbreviated version of expressing gratitude

Cheers - is a phrase that is usually uttered by raising glasses. But, at the same time, it can mean the usual Thank You.

See you - See you! One of the options for saying goodbye.

Slang words  refer to family ties

Bairn- is a baby or a small child. The word is common in Scotland

Lass or Lassie – girl

Blok or Chap – male

Mate or Pal – friend

Slang words for dating, parties, flirting

Do, Bash or Get together – party

Knees up – a term for a party

Mosh-pit-is a place next to the stage where the brightest and most active fans of the performers gather

Dance off - the moment when people compete in the art of dance on the dance floor

Chat up – flirting

Snog – passionate kissing

Chin wag – chatting or gossiping with friends

Sleep like a log – sleep like killed

Slang names of food and drink

Butty or Buttie– sandwich

Cuppa or Brew – cup of tea

Brekkie– breakfast

Tea – can mean both -a cup of tea and dinner

Greasy spoon - is an institution that serves unhealthy food

Chippy – fish or fish shop

Spuds – potatoes

And the last... Newest in Slang

Veb  To be UKRAINED. When you are russia and you invade  a country  and the response is humilitation on a global forum. The technical termrussia has been UKRAINED.


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