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The communicative approach is the best way to learn English

17:34, 14-09-2021

The new studying year at The State University of Telecommunications has just begun. Our students had plenty of rest, gathered strength, and happily returned to their studies.

The teachers of the English language department not only rested during this period, but also developed their qualifications as well as visited seminars, webinars, conferences and master classes. Our teachers paid special attention to improving the skills of using the communicative approach in their work and are ready to demonstrate them to their students.

Nowadays, the communicative approach is the most effective way to study English and is suitable to all students. It aims to develop the ability to speak freely on various topics. The more students speak English, the faster they learn to formulate their thoughts. During the classes by using the communicative approach students will talk most of the lesson. The main skill, due to the improvement in each student provided by the communicative technique, is the ability to speak competently. Students are taught not only to talk about different topics, but at the same time to speak with correct pronunciation. It is no secret that the language barrier often develops from the fact that a person is afraid to make a mistake in a conversation. The communicative approach is successfully fighting this fear: up to 70% of the lesson time is dedicated to the development of speaking skills.

The main principles of the communicative approach in learning English:

  • We speak freely from the first lesson. During each lesson, students learn a variety of words and phrases, immediately using them in a conversation. This allows them to get used to the sound of speech, familiarizes them with the appearance of the words and eliminates the language barrier.
  • Competent and fluent speech. Studying the language according to this technique, students do not need to choose to speak freely or speak correctly. They will be fluent and competent at the same time.
  • Use of modern and thoroughly prepared lesson materials. Carefully planned English-language textbooks contain fascinating and, most importantly, practical material that students will be able to use in their future profession, as well as in everyday life.
  • The teacher undergoes three stages of learning with a student: Engagement, study and activation (language usage). At the Engagement stage, the teacher involves a student in the learning process: initiates an exciting discussion, offers to discuss a picture or video. At the study stage, the students are taught the grammatical material and the use of new words and expressions, so they can work on the expansion of their vocabulary and acquire new grammar skills. At the stage of activation of knowledge, the student performs various exercises by applying the new grammar and vocabulary. This is usually followed by a discussion of the topic of lesson, but already using the knowledge gained.

The teachers’ wishes for the new school year are simple: Students attend English language classes, listen to their teacher and group mates, learn with pleasure and try to speak English.


Prepared by Tetiana Hall teacher of the English language department

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