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12:37, 13 march 2017
Solar power is making huge strides as a reliable, renewable energy source, but there's still a lot of untapped potential in terms of the efficiency of photovoltaic cells and what happens at night and during inclement weather. Now a solution has been put forward in the form of producing energy from raindrops.
12:13, 13 march 2017
Nearly 1% of carbon emissions annually can be attributed to paper production, even though we recycle much of the paper we produce. Yadong Yin has a solution. He and his colleagues at the University of California at Riverside have invented a type of paper that can be printed on using just light, erased by heating, and reused up to 80 times.
13:47, 20 february 2017
The department of Telecommunication systems and networks of the State University of Telecommunications provides training on specialization "Telecommunication systems and networks" by the specialty 172 - Telecommunications and radio.
17:40, 10 february 2017
Duration of preparatody courses: 6 month. After finish student receive certificate that he finished preparatory courses and can continue study (Bachelor degree, Master degree, PhD) in Ukrainian language.
12:36, 10 february 2017
At February 8, 2017, the department of Telecommunication systems and networks held a video conference with European regional office of Juniper Networks (Brussels, Belgium) which is responsible for partnership with Eastern and Western Europe countries, basing on previous agreements at the Educational-scientific Institute of Telecommunications and Information with the involvement of the Department of Foreign languages.
22:29, 03 february 2017
So our wonderful, cheerful, full of emotion, student years are ended. Today we are again in the status of the graduates, but only now we have a real life, which is sure to cause us some issues and we will face many challenges. And on this special day I wish you not to be afraid of difficulties, believe in your abilities, do not lose their sincerity and work your way forward!
12:41, 02 february 2017
The Department of Enterprise, Trade and exchange activities again surprised their achievements. In Group TBM-11 was the first lecture in English senior lecturer Vertel Vitaliy Viktorovich the subject "Economic theory".
12:27, 02 february 2017
Company Keeper, which is developing applications class Password Manager, analyzed 10 million passwords that became public in 2016 because of leaks. As a result, the company's experts noted that in recent years a list of commonly used passwords undergone minor changes. So according to research Keeper, almost 17% of accounts are password protected "123456".
12:54, 19 janyary 2017
The State University of telecommunications is a multi – profile higher educational institution, certified under international quality standard ISO 9001:2009 in the sphere of educational services in the fields of telecommunications, information technology, cyber security, management, marketing and sociology, at the bachelor's, master's, doctor of philosophy and doctor of science degrees.
10:45, 05 december 2016
Forum Cisco «Cybersecurity Technology" will be held December 8, in Kiev at the Olympic NSC, ul. B. Vasylkivska, 55.

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