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General information

Head of Department, Associate Professor


Since its creation and till 01.09.2013 the department was headed by Kostik Bohdan Yaroslavovych, Professor

History of the creation and development of the department

Department of Information and communication technologies (ICT) was organized in 01.09.2010 and is structurally subordinated to the State University of Telecommunications Telecommunications and Information Training and Research Institute (NNITI) Faculty of Information Technology.

Higher school faces problems of maintaining of high level education that is inherent to Ukrainian educational system and its further development. The innovative techniques that outline the areas of scientific-and-technological advance of a country as a whole are of particular importance. This explains the creation of the Department provides fundamental training of highly qualified specialists capable for continuous updating of knowledge and professional mobility. The department has a modern laboratory for the study of technology of transport networks SDH, IP-MPLS, and broadband access by means of equipment of manufacturers Ericsson, Cisco. In the future it is planned to equip laboratories IP- PBX. Students have the opportunity to configure transport networks, acquire practical skills in managing of modern transport networks, to study the mechanisms of network services in class.

Academic staff conduct educational, scientific, organizational and methodological work in the areas of innovative technologies and provide educational process of modern specialists in such areas: 050 903 - Telecommunications (specialty: "Telecommunication Systems and Networks", "Information Communication Networks"); 050102 - Computer Engineering (specialty "Computer systems and Networks") 050901 - Radio Engineering (specialty : "Radio communication, broadcasting and television equipment", "Radioelectronic devices, systems and complexes") for educational and qualification levels: bachelor, specialist, master for one of the most dynamic sectors of the economy of Ukraine – communication.

The department provides the following professional disciplines:

BACHELOR 6. 050903 - "Information Communication Networks";

"Telecommunication Systems and Networks";

6. 050102 - Computer Engineering

1. Fundamentals of information and communication technologies - TSM, IMZ, KSM;

2. Fundamentals of technical documentation - TSM, IMZ, KSM;

3. Introduction to the specialty - TSM, IMZ;

4. End-user access devices - TSM, IMZ;

5. Technology Practice – IMZ;

6. 050901 - Radio Engineering

1. Fundamentals of network information technology - RT;

Specialist 7. 05090302 - "Telecommunication Systems and Networks";

7. 05090301 - "Information Communication Networks"

1. Technology and protocols of telecommunications networks - TSM;

2. Planning and design of information systems – IMZ;

MASTERS 8. 05090302 - "Telecommunication Systems and Networks";

1. Access systems - TSN;

2. Designing of information and communication networks - TSM, IMZ;

3. Guiding of diploma projects of education and qualification level of "Specialist";

4. Guiding of Master's Theses to education and qualification level "Master";

8.05090103 - Radioelectronic devices, systems and complexes;

8.05090102 - Radio Communication, Radio and TV equipment

5. Management in the sphere of radio technologies - RT;

Research and teaching staff of the department - enthusiastic people who have made invaluable contributions to the development of communication and educational technologies. All the teachers of the department have professional knowledge, extensive experience in the field of pedagogy in higher education institutions and provide qualification training of professionals in telecommunications.

Research and teaching staff of the department:

Zhurakovskyi Bohdan Yuriyovych - Associate Professor.

Kostik Bohdan Yaroslavovych – Professor.

Bondarchuk Andrii Petrovych - Associate Professor

Nedashkivskyi Oleksiy Leonidovych - Associate Professor

Tarbaiev Sergiy Ivanovych - Associate Professor

Shcherbyna Iryna Serhiivna- Associate Professor

Korshun Natalia Volodymyrivna- Senior Teacher

Chumak Nadiia Stepanivna - Senior Teacher

Srochynska Hanna Stanislavivna - Senior Teacher

Among the faculty alumni of our university

There are alumnus of our university among the members of teaching staff:

Associate professor, PhD in  Engineering Science Scherbyna I., Nedashkivskyi O., Bondarchuk A., Korshun N., who studied in graduate school, prepared and defended the theses for the scientific degree of candidate of technical sciences.

1990 - Shcherbyna Iryna Serhiivna. (thesis on the topic "Raising of accuracy and operation speed of multiply-connected systems of phase synchronization". Academic adviser, Professor, PhD in Engineering Science Steklov V.);

2007 - Nedashkivskyi Oleksii Leonidovych (thesis entitled "Development of high-purity and high-speed systems of managed devices automatic tuning of tactical synchronizatio”. Academic adviser, Associate Professor  Sciences Drobyk O.);

2012 - Bondarchuk A. (thesis entitled "Optimization of parameters converged network based on the method performance data." Academic adviser, Associate Professor, PhD in Engineering Sciences Tverdokhlib M.)

In 2011, Bondarchuk A. was awarded the Laureate Award of the President of Ukraine for young scientists (research and practice work on the topic "Optimizing the parameters of modern telecommunication networks").

In 2013 Korshun N. ( 30.10.2013) defended a thesis for the scientific degree of PhD in  Engineering Sciences on the topic: "Enhancing the quality characteristics of information and communication network based on queuing theory" Academic adviser, PhD in  Engineering Science, Professor, Tolupa S.)

In 2013 Zhurakovskyi B. ( 24.10.2013) defended his thesis for the scientific degree PhD in  Engineering Science on the topic: "The efficacy of information transfer research in the management system of information and communication network."

Srochynska G. is enrolled in postgraduate studies in the institute. Academic adviser, PhD in  Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor Zhurakovskyi B.

The telecommunications sector is constantly updated, it needs a variety of new knowledge, and the problem of shortage of specialists of high proficiency became very significant.

Academic staff is systematically involved in the organization of scientific and practical seminars, scientific, methodological and scientific- technical conferences, international scientific conferences, scientific and technical exhibitions. The staff is constantly working on teacher training improving by having practical training in communication enterprises.

Research and teaching staff of the department pays great attention to the management of diploma projects and master's theses (people responsible - Associate Professor Zhurakovskyi B., Senior Teacher Chumak N.). Up to 35 specialists of communication industry graduate from the institute. Most of them are the best professionals of the branch. The academic staff pays great attention to research work. Scientific research results are implemented in the academic activities. Management of telecommunications networks of Ukraine covers the latest technological solutions.

The academic staff of the department takes an active part in the activities of teaching and guiding work at the department, faculties, institute, university and in all the activities organized to enhance academic performance, discipline, level of education and morals of students, interest in their chosen profession.

During the year all teachers of the department pay great attention to occupational guidance to identify the best potential applicants for admission to the University.

The Department of Infocommunications supports strong ties with the branch industry that has a positive impact on the preparation of modern professionals in communication and their practice under the conditions of market relations.

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