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Material base

Department of Sociology and Humanities Education using software SPSS, which since 1968 is being developed for the statistical analysis.

Product IBM SPSS Statistics (formerly known simply as «SPSS») provides opportunities for data analysis. The intuitive software interface includes all the features of data management, statistical procedures and reporting tools for analysis of any degree of complexity.

IBM SPSS Statistics Products and IBM SPSS Amos, Sample Power, VizDesigner, Data Collection, Collaboration and Deployment Services form a modular, fully integrated software system that covers all stages of the analytical process:

  • planning study;
  • data collection;
  • access and data management;
  • comprehensive analysis (output of basic procedures and results to classical statistical modeling with the latest algorithms);
  • reporting;
  • storage and dissemination of results.

Integrating IBM SPSS product line allows a single work confidently without colliding with the problems of transition from one software to another.

Large selection procedures in the base module IBM SPSS Statistics provides extensive analysis capabilities of different types. Built-in additional modules extend analysis capabilities to the extent necessary.

Experts in the field of data analysis valued logic, reasoning and interconnectivity software components IBM SPSS.

OSA - software for data processing and analysis of social and marketing  research, which was created in 2001 with the support of the Institute of Sociology of NAS of Ukraine.

In 2001, the first version was written OCA for Windows. Computer technology component has been used throughout Ukraine. Marketing companies use technology systems Ukraine OSA in their work. The emergence IN OSA qualitatively changed the course content of the data in sociology. In 2004, the sponsors bring to market a new technology - the OCA New Line.

In the platform OCA following software technology.

Collection and data entry:

  • OCA MakeForm - module input into the computer.
  • OCA CATI - set programs allow telephone survey using a computer.
  • OCA MakeFormPsy - program for various kinds of tests (eg psychological tests).

Working with Data:

  • OCA for Windows - a program designed for statistical analysis of sociological and marketing surveys.

Data transfer to the customer:

  • OCA New Line - shell to work with projects of different structures (monitoring, tracking, panels, diaries, etc.) that has the ability to generate reports previously described patterns, support not only data format OSA, but the format of SPSS, the ability to display the results in interactive maps-schemes.
  • OCA New Line Technology - a set of programs to prepare the data for further analysis in the shell OCA New Line.

Publication of data in the Internet:

  • OCA Online - system that allows you to place data in the Internet and analyze them using a regular browser.


  • SPSS to OCA - format converter with statistical package SPSS (sav-file) format OSA (frm-file).

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