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General information

Department of Designing Intelligent Systems was created in 2001 by the Department of automatic telecommunications, which began life in 1984 by order of the rector of the Ukrainian State Academy of Telecommunications. Popov. The first head of the department since 1980, was Ph.D., associate professor Pyotr Kozhemyakin. In 1992 he became Head of the Department Ph.D., Professor Ahmed Mirtalibov. Since 2001, the department was headed by Ph.D., Associate Professor Natalia Kunakh. Since 2003 the department was headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Vladimir Hostyev. Since 2015 the department is headed by Ph.D., s.r.f. Mikhail Stepanov.

Department staff - is highly qualified teachers who provide teaching subjects in a professional manner:

Professor, PhD, Honored inventor of Ukraine, Honored Scientist of Ukraine Vladimir Hostyev;

Ph.D., Associate Professor Camilla Storchak conducts classes on subjects: "telecommunications switching systems," "Fundamentals of Digital Switching", "Computer technology in telecommunications and measurement", "The control systems of telecommunications.";

Ph.D., associate professor Tkalenko Oksana conducts classes on subjects: "Telecommunication Switching Systems", "Network technologies", "Computer technology and measurements in telecommunications.";

Ph.D., associate professor Olga Nevdachyna conducts classes on subjects: "Telecommunication Switching Systems", "Software Telecommunication Systems", "Systems of switching and distribution of information", "Network technologies", "Computer technology and measurement in telecommunications ";

Doctoral student, Ph.D., associate professor Natalia Fedorova conducts classes on subjects: "The control systems in telecommunications systems", "The control complex switching systems";

Post-graduate student, assistant Vladimir Mogilevskiy;

Post-graduate student Dmitry Domen;

Post-graduate student Artem Gorbenko;

The governing and teaching staff switching systems constantly working to improve the quality of education, using diverse forms of communication with the production, as well as studying in programs organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, companies - leaders in the field of communication: Watson Telecom, Alcatel-Lucent, Asterisk, specialized international organizations and partners from Europe and the CIS.

The department taught the following courses:

  1. Telecommunications switching systems.
  2. Switching systems and distribution of information.
  3. Technical operation and measurement systems in telecommunications.
  4. Computer technology and measurements in telecommunications.
  5. The control systems of telecommunications.
  6. Software telecommunications systems.
  7. Network technology.
  8. Basics of digital switching.

All teaching staff are university graduates!

Department of Designing Intelligent Systems has a laboratory simulation of CSK, which is equipped with a digital switching system (DCS) "Carpathians", flexible multiplexers and IP-PBX. To improve the efficiency study of modern digital switching systems type EWSD, Alcatel-1000 E-10, SI-2000, C-32 is equipped with a computer lab class. Laboratory manages communications specialist Anahov Pavel. Auxiliary teaching tool to ensure the educational process takes Engineer Category 1 Marina Kovtun.

To improve the educational process in the laboratory "Modeling CA" conducted laboratory for discipline "of telecommunications switching systems", "Technical operation and measurement of telecommunication systems", "Computer technology in telecommunications and measurement", "Software telecommunication systems "," Network technologies ". The laboratory is planned to implement virtual PBX based on cloud technology.

In preparation for the examination and objectives for course design using modern hardware and software computing assets.

All teachers of the department are actively involved in the implementation of research on problems of higher education and technology, scientific articles published in professional journals industry. All teaching staff actively participate in scientific and methodological conferences.

Faculty are leaders diploma projects, whose main theme is the development of local telephone networks in accordance with the perspective plan of telephone networks Ukraine. The department is involved in the training of masters and doctoral students.

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