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Publishing activities

The teaching staff is working on the publication COP aids, teaching materials for laboratory classes on disciplines, regularly published articles in scientific publishing. All development shall be submitted in an electronic library of the University to facilitate students. The Department published a number of books and monographs, including:

  1. Gosteva VI "Synthesis nechetkyh regulators Automatic management of" K .: Publishing "Radioamator", 2003.-512 with.
  2. Gosteva VI, Skurtov SN Kraynev V. "Synthesis of digital regulators Automatic management parameters teploэnerhetycheskyh objects." K .: "Radioamator", 2007.-264 with.
  3. Hostyev VI, Kunakh NI, NI Naumenko "Automatic transmitter power control in radio communication channels." K .: "Radioamator", 2007.-332 with.
  4. Gosteva VI "Nechёtkye regulators Automatic management systems." K .: "Radioamator", 2008.-972 with.
  5. Gosteva VI, SN Skurtov Fuzzy system parameters Automatic management of industrial objects: monograph. - Nezhyn: OOO "Publishing" Aspect-Polygraph ", 2009. - 432 p.
  6. Gosteva VI, SN Skurtov Fuzzy systems and chastotnoy fazovoy locked: monograph. - Nezhyn: OOO "Publishing" Aspect-Polygraph ", 2010. - 388 p.
  7. Gosteva VI Designing nechetkyh regulators for Automatic management systems. - SPb .: BHV-Petersburg, 2011. - 416 p.
  8. Kunakh NI Tkalenko AM "Basic principles of technical operation of switching systems. A manual on discipline "and TE VSEZ. '" 2011..
  9. Hostyev VI, Kunakh NI Tkalenko AN, AV Nevdachyna Network technology. Textbook for students - Kyiv: SUICT, 2012.-101s.
  10. Zaitsev GF Increase accuracy and dynamycheskoy bыstrodeystvyya of tradytsyonnoy fazovoy locked and frequency locked fazovoy systems. Monograph / H.F.Zaytsev, VG Kryvutsa, VL Bulgach, AV Samkov, NV Hradoboeva, AP Polonevych // Institute of electrodynamics NAS of Ukraine, State University komunykatsyonnыh information and technology. K .: In-t electrodynamics NAS of Ukraine. - 2013. - 227 p.
  11. Mirtalibov AJ, Mirtalibov FA "Switching Systems in Telecommunications". Tutorial. Part II. State University of Information and Communication Technologies. Kyiv - 2003. - 255s.
  12. Storchak KP Study switching field APT MT-20/25. Guidelines and objectives for laboratory work on discipline "Fundamentals of Digital Switching", 2009.
  13. Tkalenko AM "Building blocks spatial switching (BOD) to logic elements, multiplexers and demultiplexers." Kyiv, 2011
  14. Tkalenko AM "Building block of time switching (BCHK)." Kyiv, 2011
  15. Tkalenko AM "The study of physical processes spatial and temporal switches." Kyiv, 2012.
  16. Tkalenko AM "The study of digital switching field (SN) system EWSD». Kyiv, 2012.
  17. Tkalenko AN, Kucher SV "Research subsystems switching and control system ALCATEL 1000 E-10. Switching matrix MSH ". Kyiv, 2012.
  18. Tkalenko AM "The element base and network equipment switching systems." Kyiv, 2015
  19. Tkalenko AN, AV Nevdachyna "Research methods of converting analog signals for transmission over a communication channel." Kyiv, 2013.
  20. Nevdachyna OV Tkalenko AM Technical operation subsystem modules of subscriber access CSK «EWSD». Kyiv, 2016.

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