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Department of Radio technologies was created in 2002. It is headed by doctor of technical Sciences, Professor Sayko Vladimir Grigorievich. Labour activity Sayko V.G. began in 1980 on a Site of space communications Armed forces General staff (Moscow region) after graduating from M.I. Kalinin Kiev higher military engineering school of communications  (faculty of Radio communication). Worked at the Kiev higher military engineering school of communications from 1987 to 1998, positions of head of laboratory, teacher, senior teacher, assistant Professor. Doctoral dissertation on the theme: «Methods and means to enhance the functioning of networks of digital radio in multipath channels» defended in 2012. Main scientific achievements V.G Sayko set out in 188 scientific works devoted to the development of theoretical bases in optimization of structures and parameters of the systems and networks digital radio of new generation, creation on their basis of methods and algorithms of increase of efficiency of functioning of such networks and practical implementation of methods and algorithms for high-speed transmission of information in multipath channels. Among them: three monographs (two in collaboration and one of the sole ), engineering-technical reference, 6 manuals , 77 articles in scientific journals, 50 theses and texts of the reports at the international and scientific conferences, forums, 3 patents, international patent application, a patent of Ukraine for invention.

Department of Radio technologies is a graduating chair for training of bachelors in the direction 6.050901 "Radio engineering" and EQL « specialist» and «master» of specialty «Radio equipment, broadcast and television» and is a structural part of the faculty of telecommunications of educational-scientific Institute of telecommunications and informatization in State university of telecommunications. The Department consists of highly qualified specialists in the field of radio communications, doctor of technical Sciences, professors, candidates of technical Sciences, associate professors, and others. To increase the level of organization of educational process, improvement of quality of specialists training  for teaching on the basis of plurality specialists from organizations and companies, which assure close communication of the Department with the leading scientific and state institutions, such as the national Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Concern of broadcasting, radiocommunications and television, mobile operators, Astelit, ITS, Kyivstar GSM, MTS. Teachers and employees of the Department are always sincere and friendly to the students and provide adequate opportunities to gain knowledge for students.

Today modern wireless communication systems and digital television are characterized by rapid development and continuous introduction of innovative technologies. The staff of such companies should be prepared for the rapid and dynamic development, and, accordingly, to the introduction of innovative solutions, expansion of networks and services market. These facts impose high requirements to specialists, engaged in technical operation and management of communications networks and digital television. For practical implementation of the directions of preparation of specialists of the Department of radio technologies bet on strategic interest of a number of large foreign firms and domestic cellular operators and equipment manufacturers of digital television for their products and services, primarily software, mobile and wireless broadband, mobile, and multimedia services.

Active cooperation of the Department of Radio technology with the world's leading telecommunications companies Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, ZTE contributed to the signing of international agreements (memorandums of cooperation).

With representatives of the company ZTE-based CDMA2000 equipment is working on the creation of a specialized laboratory for training and qualification improvement of specialists in mobile and wireless communications. At present this equipment together with specialists ZTE courses are conducted for the students of the University in "Mobile network generation CDMA 2000 and WCDMA: architecture and features of technical maintenance".

Joint efforts with the company MTS (UMC) has established a specialized computer class, which is used for training of the future specialists of cellular communication and facultative training of the specialists for providing modern telecommunication services. Together with the technical Directorate of the company "Kyivstar GSM" was launched mobile platform cellular communication of standard GSM 900/1800, and organized training of University students for the work in Kyivstar GSM" program "Operation of systems of a radio access and transmission systems zonal level”.

Together with the specialists of the representative office of Alcatel-Lucent at the Department of radio technologies deployed fragment wireless network Mobile WiMAX standard, 802.16e, on the basis of which training and raising qualification of specialists wireless access networks in the direction of "Broadband networking wireless WiMAX: building, practical planning and maintenance”.

Given the prospect of implementation of digital broadcasting in Ukraine, the Department actively cooperates with Russian company "Kvant-Efir". Together with his assistants on the basis of modern technologies on processing, transportation and delivery of digital signals of digital terrestrial TV standard DVB-T/S/S deployed educational-technical base.

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