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Methodical work

Scientific and methodical work at the Department of radio technologies is conducted in areas:

  • Development of new training courses in accordance with the new trends;
  • Development and implementation in the educational process of new forms of educational process, including the organization of independent students work;
  • Introduction in the educational process necessary teaching materials; preparation of textbooks and teaching materials;
  • Development and implementation in the educational process of innovative technologies.

Teachers of the department of radio technologies teach classes on subject: "Digital Signal Processing", "reception of signal and Signal Processing", "formation and generation of signals", "Fundamentals of television and radio broadcasting", "Digital television and radio broadcasting", "Wireless Broadband Network" "digital broadcasting systems", "mobile communication systems" and others.

For all academic disciplines are prepared, published and used in the educational process methodical complexes, which are copyrighted.

Carrying on a high professional level methodological training with the students improves their skills. Also, students take a refresher course in Radio and Television Broadcasting, Kyivstar, Freenet, Volia, the National Radio Company of Ukraine, exchange of experience with teachers from other universities within the framework of scientific and methodological conferences and seminars.

Annually reviewed and approved at faculty meetings coursework subjects and final qualifying works for the purpose of updating them. This allows students to focus on the development of the scientific issues of the real socio-economic significance for the country, as well as ensures the continuity of teaching and research work of students of postgraduate studies.

Methodical materials for support of educational process

All disciplines of the department of radio technologies is fully provided with necessary teaching materials, which are published in the central publishing houses, in university press in paper and electronic forms.

Considerable attention is paid to the Department of methodological support of educational disciplines for undergraduates. Department of radio technologies designed program of new disciplines such as "Cable Television Network", "Network planning wireless systems, radio communications and radio", "Wireless Broadband Networks" and other.

Also, the department of radio technologies focuses on methodological support of other educational programs. Department staff prepared teaching materials to enhance the professional development of the Ukrainian State Centre of Radio Frequencies, Concern broadcasting, radio and television, and others.

For all academic disciplines have been updated contents of lectures with considering of changes and development of the mobile market and digital TV. All teachers of chair widely use active forms of training, including using computer technology.

Teachers are constantly reviewing the test items, handouts for practical training, laboratory work, business solutions, in accordance with the change in the mobile market and digital TV. Laboratory work are close to practice, they assume creativity and independence in the performance of these works. It allows students to consolidate their knowledge, to simulate situations encountered in professional work and acquire practical skills.

The department of radio technologies has been working on continuous improvement of the efficiency of the educational process. These include the use of innovative teaching methods, computerization of educational process, preparation tasks, the implementation of which involves the use of modern information technology, the use of active and interactive learning methods. Thus, in 2014-2016, teachers of the department have conducted significant work on the preparation of presentation slides used in lectures and seminars and workshops. The department of radio technologies practiced reading public lectures, including invited guests.

Considerable attention is paid improvement of independent work of students. Forms of independent work of students include preparation of analytical reports, preparation of presentations and others papers. During individual work of teachers conduct ongoing consultations on educational disciplines; discuss the results of the performed tests, the final work, homework, and there is discussion of the protection of abstracts, conducting colloquiums, round tables, presentation of results, and other forms of work.

Development and implementation of innovative technologies in the educational process

To improve the quality of teaching and training of students, the department of radio technologies continues further development and implementation of the educational process such forms of education, as the development of e-learning, electronic laboratory work and electronic test materials. Teachers of the department are actively used electronic databases and Internet for operative communication with the students to prepare for tests, implementation of scientific management, and execution final qualifying works.

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