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General information

The Department of Physics provides the teaching of basic courses in Physics and Physics of Optical Communication, as well as courses with modern technologies: 3D printing and AIX administration (based on an agreement with DUT partner - IBM Ukraine).

Disciplines taught at the department:

Physics - is studied on the 1st year for students of the specialties: "Telecommunications and radio engineering", "Cybersecurity" (1 and 2 semesters) and specialty "Computer engineering" (2 semester of the 1st course and 3 semester of the second year);

Physics of optical communication - is studied in 5 semester (III course) for students of specialties "Telecommunications and Radio Engineering" and "Information Systems and Technologies".

The purpose of teaching discipline is Physics:

  • providing students with knowledge of the basic physical phenomena and ideas, fundamental concepts, laws and theories of classical and modern physics, methods of physical research, methods and methods for solving concrete problems from different sections of physics;
  • formation of students from the scientific world outlook and modern physical thinking, skills of active independent educational, scientific and practical activity.

Purpose of teaching discipline Physics of optical communication is:

  • providing students with knowledge of the physical foundations of optics and optical systems;
  • familiarization of students with the basic laws and means of classical physical optics, as well as with new developments and ideas in the field of physics and technology of optical information transmission systems based on the properties of optical radiation, optical materials, complex composite structures.

The main forms of studying the disciplines at the department are lectures, practical and laboratory classes, seminars from the university partners.

At lectures, students become acquainted with the fundamental laws of nature, the properties and structure of matter, assimilate physical theories, fundamental concepts and definitions of physical quantities, the meaning of models, hypotheses, laws, principles, and form a holistic, modern picture of the world.

The material of the lecture is presented by the teachers in the form of presentations using the technical means of training, which is equipped with a department and the University as a whole. This form of reading lectures provides an opportunity to provide students with more extensive and in-depth information on the subject under study, and also meets the modern requirements of innovative approaches in the methodology of teaching disciplines.

The practical component of the study of disciplines is allocated half of the classes provided by the program - these are classes on problem solving and laboratory lessons.

In practical classes, theoretical knowledge is fixed by solving problems and examples and methods for solving concrete problems from different sections of physics are learned.

In laboratory classes students learn the physical phenomena and laws to understand the essence of research methods, acquire the skills of evaluating the technical means used in the experiment, the skills to determine the reliability of the results, learn to use statistical techniques and modern computing techniques for processing and analysis of the results of the experiment.

For conducting practical and laboratory classes, the department has two laboratories, which are equipped with measuring equipment, which provides for the experimental part of practical classes.

Partnership with organizations and institutions. Teachers of the Department of Physics have close scientific relations with the Institute of Semiconductor Physics named V.E. Lashkarev, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, GP Orion Research Institute and with leading world companies SAP, IBM, Samsung, Lenovo, Cisco, Alcatel Lucent Enterprise, which makes it possible to provide students with knowledge about modern and advanced technologies from leading companies in the world.

The department is actively engaged in research work, attracting the most active, most successful and gifted students and post-graduate students. Scientific work among students is one of the main components of the educational process of the department. Student Olympiads in physics are held annually, and since 2004 student scientific and technical conferences. The priority directions of fundamental and applied research are:

  • Analysis of the quality of provision of telecommunication services (leads by Lyskovsky IO, Morozov SV);
  • Analysis of the construction of system components within the framework of the IoT concept (lead by Lyskovsky IO);
  • Development of photo-receiver devices for fiber-optic systems in telecommunications (lead direction Andreeva N.A.)
  • Modification of surface GaN layers - heteroepitaxial instrumental structures with ultrahigh-frequency electromagnetic radiation (responsible for the direction of Redko R.A., performers - scientific and pedagogical workers of the department).

At present, the teachers of the department conduct the following research:

  • surface properties of Si, CdP2 and the creation of solar cells on their basis;
  • study of the processes of modification of the near-surface area of ​​binary semiconductor materials (GaAs, InP, GaP) with a weak magnetic field of impulse action;
  • Photoluminescence technique used in researches allows to trace magnetic-induced changes in the impurity-defective composition of semiconductors at a sufficient scientific level, which makes it together with additional informative methods (AFM, SEM) as one of the defining methods for tracking degradation processes in light-emitting materials ;
  • peculiarities of the development of terrestrial networks in Ukraine, also using the millimeter range;
  • preparation of materials for participation in the work of Study Group 12 (SG12) of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

Scientific and pedagogical staff of the Department of Physics also conduct scientific and organizational work through participation in scientific councils and editorial boards of periodical scientific publications - professional editions of Ukraine (technical sciences).

Teachers of the Department constantly work on improving the level of English language proficiency. For foreign students of the preparatory courses, physics in Ukrainian is taught and translated into English. Associate professor Gorina L.M. She is working on the compilation of auxiliary Ukrainian-English dictionary with the physical terminology of the basic concepts and laws of physics.

At the department once a week, physical classes are held, the purpose of which is to increase the level of students knowledge of the most complex issues of discipline Physics, their interest in studying the subject, as well as training the most successful students to participate in the physical olympiad, which is conducted by the department among the students of the first year each academic year.

In each academic year, classes are held at the preparatory courses on discipline Physics with students of the graduation classes of educational institutions of the city of Kyiv and the region. Classes are conducted by senior teacher SV Morozova. according to the program of physics. Special attention is paid to the topics necessary for studying at our University. Most of the students of the preparatory courses successfully make exhaustive and become students of the University.

Teachers of the Department successfully conduct professional-orientation work with future university entrants. We invite graduates of Kyiv and Kyiv region educational institutions to join our State University of Telecommunications, which is one of the best profile universities in Ukraine.

Cooperation agreements have been signed with the leadership of separate educational institutions of the city of Kyiv and the oblast (secondary school №231, Tarasiv secondary school, Boyarsky secondary school №4, secondary school # 2 in Bucha).

The scientific and pedagogical staff of the Department take an active part in the public life of the University, enhancing its image.

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