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According to the Department of Physics secured two laboratories (aud. 515 and 516) which are stands laboratory work in Physics and Optical Communication. For technical support stands, mock-ups and laboratory instrumentation laboratory of physics correspond Syllabus and curriculum subjects taught at the Department, namely: Physics and Optical Communication.

Laboratory work covering large sections of subjects and are designed to increase knowledge for practical application in the professional activity of future specialist on direct telecommunications.

To conduct laboratory classes for open courses "Fundamentals of the AIX operating system," IBM Ukraine free of charge staffed the physics department with IBM Power server equipment.

1. Installation is intended for laboratory works for "Electricity and Magnetism". Installation method allows us to study modeling of electrostatic field and electrostatic fields to explore charged bodies, characteristics of the electrostatic field.
2. Installation intended to study terrestrial magnetism. Set to determine the horizontal component of the Earth's magnetic field by the magnetic field that occurs as a flat coil on a magnetic needle.
3. Installation is designed to study wave phenomena. Installation allows you to explore the phenomenon of interference, diffraction to determine the wavelength and phase velocity of surface waves.
4. Setup is designed to study the propagation of longitudinal sound waves in the air and solids. Set to determine the velocity of sound waves in the air and solids.
5. Installation is intended to study the vibrations of flexible homogeneous string. Installation allows you to explore standing waves determine the frequency of natural oscillations of the strings, the phase velocity of the wave
6. Installation is intended to explore methods of determining the focal length of thin lens cleaning.
7. Installation is intended to explore methods for determining scattering focal length lenses.
8. Installation is intended to review the general patterns of excitation of gas atoms by electron impact and measuring the first potential excitement. Installation allows you to recreate classic Frank and Hertz experiment provides experimental evidence and postulates Bohr.
9. Installation is designed to study some relationships that characterize the alpha decay, particularly to determine the length of run of alpha particles in the air.
10. The installation is designed to study the properties of semiconductors n-type and p-type (p-n transition). Installation can take and explore the current-voltage characteristics (CVC) of industrial diodes for forward and reverse voltage and current-voltage characteristics (VFC).
11. Installation is intended to study the temperature dependence of the electrical conductivity of solids and calculate the basic parameters of samples within the band theory of electrical conductivity. Installation allows you to define: temperature coefficient of resistance of metal, semiconductor band gap, ionization energy of impurities and the Fermi energy.
12. Installation is intended to familiarize with each other most common methods for measuring the concentration and mobility of charge carriers in semiconductors, which is the measurement of the Hall constant and the resistivity of the sample.
13. Installation is intended for the study of the emission spectrum of heated hydrogen gas and definition Rydberg constant. Installation allows you to monitor line spectrum of hydrogen atom (Balmer series).
14. Installation is intended to explore the phenomena of the external photoelectric effect, and to determine Planck's constant.
15. Installation allows you to explore the dependence of thermal radiation (energy or luminosity integral emissivity of) blackbody temperature and check the performance of the Stefan-Boltzmann.

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