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Educational disciplines

Educational disciplines, assigned to the Department, are subjects of vocational and professional training in the field of “Telecommunications" (educational-qualification levels of Bachelor, Specialist, and Master).

SYSTEM ANALYSIS IN INFOCOMMUNICATIONS - the discipline studies the essence and peculiarities of the system analysis in relation to info communication system of Ukraine.

SIGNALLING AND PROTOCOLS of TELECOMMUNICATION NETWORKS – the discipline studies the characteristics of the network models and structures, protocols that are used in them, and ways of signaling.

OPTICAL TECHNOLOGY IN TELECOMMUNICATION SYSTEMS – training discipline studying new technology of information transmission over optical fiber and new methods of processing of signals, which can significantly increase the information-bandwidth transmission systems and the length of regeneration site.

OPTICAL TRANSPORT SYSTEMS AND NETWORKS – academic discipline studying new technology of information transmission over optical fiber and data multiplexing, which allows significantly, increasing the information - bandwidth transmission systems, and moving to a completely optical communication networks.

INTEGRATED DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM – the discipline studies the principles of traditional communication networks and their perspective transformation in the transport network, built on the basis of SDH and РDH, which integrate the transmission system with switching systems, and network access based on packet  ATM technology, which integrates the systems of commutation and telecommunication resources for the various services.

MULTIPLEX TECHNOLOGY – training discipline studying the technology of sealing channels of transmission and transport networks and access networks, the hierarchy of digital systems of transmission with time division of channels.

METHODOLOGY of SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH - educational discipline studies the specialization of communication that is connected with research and design function of the production activity of the master of telecommunications.

TRANSMISSION LINES - the discipline studies the activity of the specialist of telecommunication associated with the operation and design of transmission lines and linear-cable communication facilities.

OPTICAL AND PROMISING WIRE LINE. The discipline studies the activity of the specialist of telecommunication associated with the operation and design of fiber-optic and cable transmission lines and linear-cable communication facilities.

FUNCTIONAL UNIT FIBER-OPTIC CHANNEL. The discipline studies the operational, technological and designing the production function activity of a specialist telecommunications optical-fiber communication lines.

TECHNICAL ELECTRODYNAMICS. The discipline is discipline of fundamental training which examines the fundamentals of macroscopic electrodynamics and microscopic elements of electrodynamics, physical bases of fiber and integrated optics, the main elements of the waveguide tract and passive devices technology of ultrahigh frequency (UHF), provided the skills of calculation and analysis of the characteristics of electromagnetic waves in unbounded media, guided systems, and resonators.

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  • High levels of personnel and material support
  • The ability to study part-time and distance learning
  • The ability to simultaneously acquire two degrees from the University
  • Providing students with hostels

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