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1History of the Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics was established in October 1976. This is one of the first departments of the University, and while the Kyiv branch of Odessa Electrotechnical Institute of Communications them. O.S. Popov.

Head of the department was selected then associate professor, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Barkovskii V.V.

The Department conducted a study of students in the disciplines of "Higher Mathematics", "Physics", "Numerical Mathematics", "Engineering Graphics".

Higher mathematics taught: associate professor, candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences Barkovskii V.V., Bushanska A.V., Dziadyk S.Y., Korsun L.O., Ometsinska O.B.

Physics taught: associate professor, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Klushyn O.O., Levchenko E.G., Proskura A.I.

Engineering Graphics taught: associate professor, candidate of technical sciences Moroz S.A., Tverdokhlib M.G.

Computational Mathematics taught: associate professor, candidate of technical sciences Kochanowski L.M., Bozhenka A.I. and cenior lecturer Burykin O.J.

In 1981 the Department of Mathematics Department of Physics separated . And in 1991 - Department of Computer Science .

In 1996 was introduced the subject "queuing theory", which taught lecturers Dziadyk S.Y., Bushanskii A.V. for 4 years.

In 1986 Barkovskii V.V. the results of research doctorate, and in 1987 received the scientific title of professor.

For 33 years, from 1976 to September 2009, the Head of Department was Professor V.V. Barkovskii.

Since 1 December 2011, acting head of the department was the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, associate professor V.V. Onishchenko.

From 1 September 2013 the head of the Department of Mathematics was destined Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Oleg Volodymyrovych Barabash.

The department worked in different years:

  • Professor, doctor of  physical and mathematical sciences Nyzhnyk L.P., Gomilko O.M., Lopatin O.K., Oleshko T.I.;
  • Associate Professor, candidate of technical sciences Lubensky T.V., Kubanskyi V.I., Mazur K.I.;
  • senior teachers Lavrynenko T.I., Poyarkova O.Y.;
  • Assistant Zhelnov O.D., Lavrynenko S.O.;

For success in teaching and educational activities of faculty chair were awarded Rector, Minister of Education, the State Committee of Communications and Informatization of Ukraine, Kyiv mayor, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

Department of mathematics provides basic and professional  practical training on the educational-qualifying  level  of  “Bachelor” on directions:

  • “Telecommunication”
  • “Radiotechnics”
  • “Computer engineering”
  • “Program engineering”
  • “Information and communication safety system”
  • “Tecnical information protection system”
  • “Information security managment”
  • “Managment”
  • “Sociology”
  • “Record management and informaion activity”

Department of mathematics provides training courses “Computational mathematics using a personal computer”.

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