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There are  three specialized laboratories equipped with modern PC and special devices used to protect information.

Information protection in modern conditions is becoming more difficult problem that is caused by several circumstances such as mass distribution of means of electronic computing machinery, the need to protect the state, military, industrial, commercial, financial secrets, wide possibilities of unauthorized actions with the information.

In addition, the currently widespread means and methods of unauthorized and secret information, which are increasingly using not only in the activities of the state police, but also in the activities of different kinds of criminal associations.

To perform the task of combating unofficial and unauthorized obtaining of information, use of special technical devices. The Department of information protection Systems is the special purpose devices, which are used in educational process.

Scanning receiver AR8200





AR8200 is designed to search for and localization of  RBD. Range of operating frequencies from 500 kHz to 3000 MHz. Allows to detect radiation of all types of modulation WFM, NFM, SFM (supersonic FM), WAM (broad AM, AM, NAM (narrow AM), USB, LSB, CW. The receiver has editing capabilities, change or removes the memory channels. Also has the ability to control from your computer.



A powerful search tool ST 032

ST 032 - designed for operational activities in detecting and locating WHR, detection of natural and artificial channels of information leakage, as well as for quality control of information protection.

With ST 032 solve the following monitoring-and-search tasks:

  • identifying and locating radio radiating devices;
  • finding and locating the building, which operate in the infrared range;
  • finding and locating the building, which are used for data transmission of RBD different destination;
  • detecting and locating the sources of magnetic fields, and studies of technical means of converting speech information.

Searching complex DigiScan EX

The search system dig scan ex is designed to monitor the radio to identify secretly installed of data acquisition, analysis workload of radio, control of working means (transmitters), and also revealing of secret information retrieval in a network 220 in, wire lines in the infrared range of frequencies. Has the possibility of additional connections scanning receivers ar 8200, ar 8600, ar 5000a, ar-8000, ar 3000a, 2200 sr, ic-r10, ic-r20 and ic-r8500. Locator nelinov nr-900em


Locator nonlinearity in NR-900EM

NR-900EM is used for the detection of radio-electronic devices, including: radio microphones, microphone amplifiers, tape recorders, remote control receiver, other devices containing semiconductors. The locator has circular polarization antenna and carries out the analysis of signals on 2 and 3 harmonica.

All these devices are used during lectures, practical and laboratory classes on disciplines:

  • Control and measuring systems information security;
  • Electromagnetic compatibility in the sphere of information security;
  • Methods and means of information protection;
  • Organization and carrying out special studies on aid;
  • System of technical protection of information;
  • Means of reception and processing of information in the systems of technical protection of information;
  • Design of the systems of information protection;
  • The schematic of devices, technical protection of information;
  • Information-analytical system security;
  • The use of information protection systems;
  • Organizational-technical support of information security;
  • Organizational provision of technical protection of information;
  • Systems and devices of information security;
  • Technology of creation and application of complexes of means of protection of aid;
  • Information security in banking and commercial systems.


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