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Educational-scientific Institute of telecommunications and informatization of the State University of Telecommunications is an educational, research and educational structural unit of the State University of telecommunications, which conducts educational activity connected with the preparation of specialists of educational-qualification levels of bachelor, specialist, master in telecommunications, as well as scientific and scientific-methodical activity.

Educational-scientific Institute of Telecommunications and Informatization trains specialists in 3 directions of training (educational-qualification level «Bachelor») and 5 specialties (educational-qualifying levels «Specialist» and «Master»).

The purpose of training of students of the Institute is theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of telecommunications and communication, acquiring professional skills of maintenance and operation of modern information and telecommunication systems and networks that form the specialists with higher education in accordance with the educational-qualification level and improve the quality of training specialists for the industry.

Thanks to cooperation with organizations and companies at the University managed to create a complex of laboratories to ensure the practical and laboratory classes that implement a systematic approach to the study of existing and emerging information technologies taking into consideration the evolution of their development, namely:

Perspective wireless technologies (laboratory № 101). Their technical basis is a mobile platform 3rd generation CDMA 2000 ZTE.


In addition, to ensure the maintenance and operation of the system deployed jobs engineer and administrator of the network. Jobs adapted for use during carrying out practical and laboratory classes.

According to the program developed jointly with specialists of the company ZTE, preparation of specialists on technologies of the 3rd on the discipline „Mobile networks of 3-rd generation CDMA 2000 and WCDMA: architecture and features of technical maintenance”.

Modern technologies of mobile communication (laboratory № 117). Their mobile is a basic platform 2-generation of GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) 900/1800 Ericsson, one of the most popular mobile communication standards in Europe, consisting of:

  • base station RBS 2202;
  • data transmission and radio-relay line-based PPC Mini-Link-E.

3   4

On mobile GSM 900/1800 Ericsson practiced processes installation and configuration of the base and radio-relay station, and mastering knowledge intensive program „Operation of mobile networks zonal level”, developed together with the specialists of Kyivstar company taking into account modern requirements to specialists of this direction.

Broadband wireless communication system pre WiMAX (IEEE 802.16-2004), the base station and subscriber equipment of American company Aperto established with the assistance of the Russian company «NTU Service», which has extensive experience in the deployment and operation of such systems in the Baltic States and the CIS. Together with the specialists of the company developed the program of preparation of experts„Broadband networking wireless 4-th generation WiMAX: building, practical planning and maintenance.

5  6

Technology of LTE (Long Term Evolution). The objective of the development of the LTE standard - to provide the possibility of creation of high-speed mobile communication systems optimized for packet data speeds up to 300 Mbps from the base station to the user and up to 75 Mbps in the direction from the user to the base station. The maximum data transfer rate should be greater than 100 Mbps from the base station to the user and more than 50 Mbps in the direction from the user to the base station.

Alcatel-Lucent plans to supply to Ukrainian operators a comprehensive solution for the construction of a test zone LTE: base stations, core network with packet switching EPC (Evolved Packet Core network components to the service IP-routing system for the operation, management and technical infrastructure support.


After the demonstration of LTE technology Alcatel-Lucent was granted University in permanent use to control access to LTE network, which is currently used in the educational process.


To support the training of specialists in Mobile communications at the University, with the support of Enterprise "Kvant-Efir” developed the modern Studio-production complex on processing, transportation and delivery of digital signals of systems of digital TV DVB company DekTec.


On the basis of the specialized educational scientific laboratory «Modeling of radio engineering devices and systems» started realization of the perspective plan of development of virtual laboratory workshops for training of specialists in radio engineering, using specialized computer software packages MatLab, LabWIEV, Multisim, and Electronics Workbench. These technological solutions allow implementing modeling with the use of real instruments and their parts, and the virtual possibilities of computer equipment. This is the most appropriate technology for learning that are closest to the real state of Affairs in the field of information-communication technologies, where the share of virtuality is quite high. This innovative technology training, convinced of the University, should be used more widely methodological development for the educational process, in the theme of diploma and master works and research works of students and postgraduates.

Considering prospects of development of Radiocommunication systems and radio broadcasting of new generations on the basis of stratospheric platforms (technologies perhaps) and using IEEE 801.16d/i (Mobile WiMAX) and LTE (Long Term Evolution) started at the University scientific-research work on the study of communication networks on the basis of these technological solutions and preparation of appropriate laboratory facilities for research.

The Institute also has two specialized laboratories for training specialists on the programs: „Principles of construction and operation characteristics of IP networks” and „Exploitation and maintenance of the router A SR. Today unfolds equipment IP/MPLS (routers A SR) of the company „Alcatel-Lucent”, gateways iGATE manor FCT that support GSM and device technology, VoIPBOX PRI's IntraStar that enables transparent transition in case of an emergency.

Due to the high level of training and prospects of the specialties of the graduates are employed in organizations and companies. The overall employment rate is close to 100%. 

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  • The ability to study part-time and distance learning
  • The ability to simultaneously acquire two degrees from the University
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