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Educational disciplines

  1. INFORMATICS ( I course (two semesters, direction-Telecommunications)

The main content of the course:

  • basic information about the personal computer and software;

-     fundamentals of programming;

-     numerical methods for the solution of engineering and economical tasks.

The study of discipline is carried out using the latest methodology, which is based on an original learning system visual programming ALGORITHM.

2. INFORMATICS AND COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY (I course - two semesters, direction, Management )

3. COMPUTER GRAPHICS AND MODELLING (II course, one term - Information security, direction - Telecommunications, direction – Radio Systems)

The main content of the course:

  • theory and practice of construction drawings;
  • graphics radio and electrical schemes;
  • computer modeling;
  • systems of automated projecting AUTOCAD 2002-2005, COMPASS.


The main content of the course:

  • basic concepts of databases (DB).
  • The relational data model;
            - creation of tables and queries in MS ACCESS databases. Using query language SQL;
            - creation of database applications in DELPHI;
          - applications database with the data created using MS ACCESS;
         -    the work with remote database on INTERBASE server.


   The main content of the course:

  • the basic concepts of computer networks and the principles of digital data transmission;
  • model of open systems interaction 081 and data transmission facilities;
  • operating systems computer networks;
  • e-mail, the INTERNET.

6. Computer engineering AND MICROPROCESSORS

Consists of two sections, each of which is taught during the semester.

The first section is devoted to studying bases of construction of computer engineering (CE):

  • arithmetic and logical foundations of computer facilities;
  • typical logical elements and memory elements;
  • the main nodes of the computers.

The second section is devoted to the study of features of design of microprocessors (MP) and systems on their basis (MPS):

  • structural scheme of the model MP and MPS;
  • the command system of the model MP and Assembly language;
  • the interface diagram of information exchange with MPS;
  • structure of specialized MP for signal processing


  • description of signals and devices of their transformation;
  • digital filtering of signals;
  • digital correction signals;
  • digital formation and demodulates signals. The material in this section is illustrated by examples of the formation and transformation of signals in the modern system for mobile communications (GSM).

For most of disciplines applied electronic form manuals for laboratory and practical classes.

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