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General information

Department of marketing esteblished on 2016 and trains specialists on speciality 075-"Marketing".

The guarantor of quality educational process is academic staff, who are experienced researchers and qualified specialists for marketing, managment and other areas of economics.

Purpose of the Department – prepare professionally competent, highly intelligent and creative professionals, deep knowledge in the field of marketing, management and digital communications and are able to meet the challenges of the new time and the global and national economy real needs.

Development principles for the Department:

  • integration of scientific, educational and practical components within training marketing specialists;
  • full training and methodological support for all disciplines in Moodle system;
  • the combination of science and education in the establishment of modern marketing research laboratory;
  • combination of education and practice: the possibility of obtaining a certificate from the company "UDS Consulting" after studying the course "CRM system in marketing"
  • international cooperation development with universities - partners and leading international organizations (among other things telecommunications, management, marketing).

The learning process is based on a new practically-oriented program that combines knowledge of leading marketing theories («Marketing relationships», «Imageology and PR», «Marketing research and business analytics», «Management of sales and brands», «“Business to business” system», «Psychology of consumption» and etc.) and practical skills in effective planning and strategy implementation of strategies also in the field of telecommunications («CRM - marketing», «E-commerce», «Marketing of telecommunications services», «Marketing innovations in the field of telecommunications», «Marketing projects in the telecommunications industry»).

Only our students have a unique opportunity to get a certificate from UDS Consulting after studying the course "CRM systems in marketing" and acquire skills in working with CRM systems - analytical marketing tools for analyzing information in order to make operational and strategic decisions.

Marketing Graduates will gain the following competencies:

  • functional: wide application of marketing, digital and IT-technologies in practical activities; development briefs, media plans and concepts branding; organization of PR companies and corporate events;
  • intellectual: ability to analytical and predictive, innovative and creative activities to strategic development and tactical programs of development, to make a rational choice for the most effective marketing decisions;
  • social: communicative skills development, gaining masters of arts in interaction with partners and customers; conflict management situations and the creation of “energy changes”.

Program «Bachelor in marketing» forms a new generation of professionals who choose to work depending on their own preferences:

  • for analysts – working for research company or strategic department of the company;
  • for creative people – successful career in an advertising Agency or PR-department;
  • for the communicative - a successful career in the field of communicative politics;

Our graduates are able to:

  • maximize company profit,
  • improve the range of products,
  • establish relations with partners and consumers,
  • organize an advertising/promotional campaign,
  • make effective the company's entry into new markets.

Graduates will be able to work in leadership businesses positions or any ownership form organizations, project managers for international companies, marketing management consultants.

It is here that you can approach the world requirements in professional specialization in accordance with the demands of employers and the challenges of our time, which is the key to the future successful employment!


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Don't you know why people choose State University of Telecommunications?

Its easy - here is 15 reasons:

  • State University of Telecommunications - only the relevant institution of higher education in the field of telecommunications, information technology and IT
  • Free Academy CCNA courses «CISCO»
  • Provides training for reserve officers
  • The University has a certified Ukraine Academy of Hewlett-Packard
  • The University is in the top 150 universities in Ukraine (according
  • The highest salaries are graduates of our University - workers in the sphere of information technologies
  • International diploma
  • Developed and effective student government
  • University laboratories equipped with equipment Alcatel-Lucent, where students gain practical skills
  • Multi-colored and rich student life
  • Provides training professionals most promising areas of IT technologies telecommunications, data protection, management and entrepreneurship
  • High levels of personnel and material support
  • The ability to study part-time and distance learning
  • The ability to simultaneously acquire two degrees from the University
  • Providing students with hostels

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