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Training Course

The main object of the educational process - to train specialists in marketing field, who are able to solve problems, connected with the development and implementation of effective marketing strategies of enterprises in different levels, choose the optimal approach to form a commodity, pricing and marketing policy, to develop marketing communications system, to organize marketing process.

Training course includes marketing educational program for Bachelor Level, combining fundamental classical academic educational program, which is  basic in economics, with application training that develops professional, social and other competencies of marketing specialists and consider the specifics of marketing activities in the information communications field.

    accordance with the new requirements of MES and employers queries, was formed a set of general and professional competencies of future marketing specialists that are gained as a result of studying disciplines.

A key competence is an integral competence – difficult, specified and practical problems solving ability in marketing field and  in training process, provides practical economic knowledge’s and skills in marketing.



 The ability to make informed decisions according to the decision socially-economic problems of application of legal norms in production and service activities.

The ability to convincingly defend their views and beliefs in discussions;

the use of categorical-conceptual apparatus of science; to have citizenship, evaluate their ideas and actions, phenomena and processes of the spiritual life from the standpoint of humanist morality and aesthetics.

The ability to manage self-development; to apply modern approaches to the scientific organization of labor, to work effectively in group and team

The ability to use linguistic means in accordance with the conditions, goals and content of the communication; correctly use terminology of the professional language; create different types of documents, using the tools of modern information and communication technologies.

The ability to use modern methods of systematic scientific analysis for the solution of practical problems and to take on the basis of this informed decisions.  

The possibility to develop marketing and pricing policy of the enterprise and to develop ways to improve it.

Ability to use technologies for preparation of data for marketing analysis; to use modern methods of systematic scientific analysis; compile analytical reports on the results of the company and its subsidiaries.

The possibility to use methodological techniques of marketing research, use the applied methods of marketing processes analysis, research methods  of target market, consumers, their motivations, tendencies of development of demand.

The ability to analyze financial and economic results of company's economic activities and develop ways to improve its effectiveness; solve creatively economic, organizational and production problems of economic activity.

The ability to develop strategic marketing activities to increase the competitiveness of the enterprise.

The possibility to developing measures for sales promotion; to identify the factors influencing sales, and analyze results of the sales policy.

Ability to prepare plans for development of integrated marketing communications, advertising campaigns and prepare presentations for marketing activities.

The possibility to explore distribution channels and to develop delivery channels of goods to the final consumer.

The possibility to solve qualitative and quantitative problems and to make management decisions in the process of management of marketing activity.

Ability to use in marketing activity appropriate information support.

The ability to reasonably develop  proposals for the improvement of consumer properties of goods or services taking into account the socio-demographic characteristics of different groups of consumers, the dynamics of their income, required resources and costs.

The ability to analyze and take into account the socio-psychological characteristics of participants in the system of marketing relations; monitoring and analysis of the activities of consumers, competitors and partners.

The ability to develop business plans and marketing strategies and prospective and current plans of marketing activity.


The main task of the department is to provide educational, methodical work in the disciplines of the industry cycle, according to the curriculum.

Department of Marketing ensures the formation of the professional competence of the future experts in the field of marketing:

1. CRM systems in marketing

2. Administrative management

3. State regulation of the telecommunications market

4. E-business

5. Information systems and technologies in the management and administration

6. Logistics

7. Marketing

8. Marketing innovation

9. Marketing of telecommunication services

10. Marketing product policy

11. Marketing pricing policy

12. Marketing management

13. Marketing researches

14. Marketing researches and business analytics

15. Marketing innovations in telecommunications

16. Marketing communications

17. Marketing projects in telecommunications

18. International marketing

19. Operations management

20. Organization of office activities

21. Fundamentals of Management Consulting

22. Consumer behavior

23. Practical computer presentations

24. Psychology of management

25. Advertising management

26. Self-management

27. Social-responsible marketing

28. Strategic management

29. Strategic marketing

30. Modern telecommunications market

31. Organization Theory

32. Sales and brands

33. Quality management 

34. Digital marketing training is based on the most modern interactive methods, the main of them is the training methods of solving economic situations, workshops, focus groups, etc. Exactly these methods are used by world`s leading marketing universities to prepare marketing specialists.

All disciplines of the department have the appropriate training and methodological support and electronic versions in Moodle system.


Consequently, the educational and professional training program created, considering to meet the marketing world experience and peculiarities of the Ukrainian economy. Education at the department is based on a fundamentally new approach, which provides training for professionals with broad-minded and highly skilled in their future professional activity.

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