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Congratulations on being with us and using the State University of Telecommunications` Internet platform from Members of the department of Entrepreneurship, Trade and Stock Exchanges Activity!


Here you will find detailed information about our research and educational activities, its professional and creative relationships, and more information about the Department.


Department of Entrepreneurship, Trade and Stock Exchanges Activity was established in 1998 as the structural part of the Educational and Research Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship within the State University of Telecommunications.


Department provides scientific, economical, business trainings for the bachelors in the field of Entrepreneurship, Trade and Stock Exchanges Activity, preparing them to their further professional activity.


Specialty 076 "Entrepreneurship, Trade and Stock Exchanges Activity" is a qualitative, meaningful education in the State University which has highest level of accreditation – the IV-th.


"Entrepreneurship, Trade and Stock Exchanges Activity" is the most modern and demanded specialty within economic field. It combines special knowledge, skills and practical skills in the successful business establishment, profitable trading and effective stock exchange activities.


The specialty 076 is aimed at preparing experts for providing own business, turning their vision for a successful new business into a reality, setting up and developing start-ups, subcontracting activities in various economical spheres, using both traditional and innovative method trade (E-commerce, online and offline retail etc.). Last one but not least – the availability of stock market simulation activities using new software, which help develop trading strategies, prepare traders for the psychological pressure of having real capital on the line when trading and mirror real trading conditions in the live market with real capital.


Graduates are competitive in many fields, because of wide range speciality appliance: from material production - to the field of services, from private business - to transnational corporations.


Our graduates have the widest opportunities in the labour market. They can offer their knowledge and skills as hired employees in the field of management, trade and stock exchange activities, as independent entrepreneurs, as public servants in the regulatory and supervisory bodies.


Future graduates will be able to work professionally as StartUp'er (project manager), product marketing organizer, licensee, crowdfunder (microinvestor), commissioner, consignor, admin Broker, Customs Broker, IPO-Agent (Securities List Financial Consultant), BlockChain'er (Transaction Registrar, Agreements, Contracts), Specialist in CRM-Billing Telecom (Economist-analyst of consolidated information). It helps combining career and individuals growth harmoniously.


The educational program includes the business training, trade and stock activities trainings at the world standards level. It aimed to formulate competencies in accordance with the real labour market requirements:

  • the current norms legislation, in particular labour, economic and tax law knowledge;

  • economical and technological procedures` knowledge plus planning and business budgeting fundamentals knowledge;

  • negotiation skills and qualified contracts support;

  • documentation preparation and business reporting maintenance;

  • modern retail technologies and wholesale trade principles knowledge, merchandiser and goods accounting fundamentals;

  • IT solutions knowledge within the stock exchange activities sphere, market analysts skills, pricing and indexes experts skills;

  • fundamental knowledge about listing and specification of financial derivatives circulation;

  • business English communication skills.


During the study practice and internships, students have the opportunity to take part in real business life, get communication skills, demonstrate their knowledge, skills and abilities. This is a good opportunity to know the internal specifications within professional "kitchen" for showing the employer not only a diploma, but also practical skills in the business field, trade and stock exchange activities.


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  • State University of Telecommunications - only the relevant institution of higher education in the field of telecommunications, information technology and IT
  • Free Academy CCNA courses «CISCO»
  • Provides training for reserve officers
  • The University has a certified Ukraine Academy of Hewlett-Packard
  • The University is in the top 150 universities in Ukraine (according
  • The highest salaries are graduates of our University - workers in the sphere of information technologies
  • International diploma
  • Developed and effective student government
  • University laboratories equipped with equipment Alcatel-Lucent, where students gain practical skills
  • Multi-colored and rich student life
  • Provides training professionals most promising areas of IT technologies telecommunications, data protection, management and entrepreneurship
  • High levels of personnel and material support
  • The ability to study part-time and distance learning
  • The ability to simultaneously acquire two degrees from the University
  • Providing students with hostels

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