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The staff of the Department of Enterprise, Trade and exchange activities welcomes you on the site of the State University of Telecommunications. Here you will find detailed information about our research and educational activities of the department, its professional and creative relationships, and more.

Subjects taught at our department are the basis for the formation of future professionals economic areas and important part in the professional development of specialists from other professions.

Only understanding of the laws of sustainable economic development company, the country and society in general allows you make the right investment and management decisions, to plan business development.

Department of Enterprise, Trade and exchange activities was established in 1998 and is part of the Educational and Research Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, the State University of Telecommunications.

The department provides quality training in all licensed specialties of the University. Also, the department trains post-graduate specialty 08.00.04 – Economics and management of enterprises (by economic activity).

The department has its own library, which is constantly updated with scientific, educational, scientific and popular literature, which is widely used by teachers, students and students in the educational process.

Efforts of teachers of the department developed training, training manuals including labeled with MES and electronic training complexes of the disciplines of economic and legal unit for all areas and professions licensed by the State University of Telecommunications. Of teaching is the most modern techniques.

Efforts of teachers of the department developed training, training manuals including labeled with MES and electronic training complexes of the disciplines of economic and legal unit for all areas and professions licensed by the State University of Telecommunications. Of teaching is the most modern techniques.

The department carried out considerable research work which involved students. Field of research directly related to the area of ​​scientific research, conducted at the University. At the initiative of teaching staff of the department and the support of the University administration opened the subject of research "Trends in the development of the information and communication services and their impact on the evolution of the business models of entities" (state registration number 0115U002715). The primary goal of research is to study on the basis of market dynamics, identify the most effective business model business entities for the implementation of the results in training and retraining of business organization in the area of ​​information and communication services. By scientific work actively involved students and students of the University who are able to participate in international and national conferences and  seminars. Their results are published in scientific journals.

The department actively collaborates with other educational institutions, exchange of experience and the results of scientific and educational activities. In particular, the partnership, the department cooperates with the training center of the State Service for Financial Monitoring of Ukraine, which provides timely receive and apply innovations in the learning process of legislation on financial monitoring. Students, in cooperation, are able to pass it with the practice followed by employment.

Research and teaching staff of the department are constantly undergoing training at leading enterprises telecommunications engaged in updating and improving teaching materials and textbooks, are involved in the development of scientific topics and prepare for publishing scientific monographs, textbooks, manuals and training materials.

Research and teaching staff of the department have successfully completed training at the Center Pro Business Schol program "Business planning and analysis of the effectiveness of investments in Project Expert», got the certificates and started active work towards the formation of a practical component in the study of economic disciplines.

In addition, the department employs a full training "Financial Planning: Methods and Trends", based on which everyone – students, trainees, teachers, scientists and practitioners – get necessary knowledge, practical skills and the skills of their own business which is confirmed by the certificate issued on completion of training.

This is particularly useful and convenient for students: do not spend the money as well as time. Everything is compact, comfortable in specially equipped rooms, with modern software. And at the end of training students receive not only knowledge and skills validated certificate, but also directly to the software, which it can use in their own business.

The department is constantly evolving and since the 2016-2017 learn year, all students of the University, regardless of specialty will learn a new discipline "Economic and legal regulation of business". Compactly organized training material, built on practically oriented content, using modern technology training will equip students the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully start their own business.

This is not the latest innovations, which plans to introduce the learning process economics department, business and law. Ahead of interesting ideas and perspectives in development are realistic and practically useful results with students the opportunity to participate.

We hope that provided access to information will be useful for you when choosing a profession!

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  • State University of Telecommunications - only the relevant institution of higher education in the field of telecommunications, information technology and IT
  • Free Academy CCNA courses «CISCO»
  • Provides training for reserve officers
  • The University has a certified Ukraine Academy of Hewlett-Packard
  • The University is in the top 150 universities in Ukraine (according
  • The highest salaries are graduates of our University - workers in the sphere of information technologies
  • International diploma
  • Developed and effective student government
  • University laboratories equipped with equipment Alcatel-Lucent, where students gain practical skills
  • Multi-colored and rich student life
  • Provides training professionals most promising areas of IT technologies telecommunications, data protection, management and entrepreneurship
  • High levels of personnel and material support
  • The ability to study part-time and distance learning
  • The ability to simultaneously acquire two degrees from the University
  • Providing students with hostels

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