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ITUState University of Telecommunications became a member of the International Telecommunication Union. Our students and graduates will be able to contribute to the improvement and rational use of information and communication infrastructure and overcome the "digital divide" in the telecommunications technology at the national and international levels.

Choose the "Documentation and Information" and "Information analyst and public relations"

The Department of Documentation and information-analytical activities (DIAA) was established in October 2014 and structurally subordinated to the Educational and Research Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, the State University of Telecommunications.

Professorial and Teaching staff of the department produces:

  • experts on "Documentation and Information Activities"

Documentation and information activities

n_1268_37584492Urgent need has become training of specialists that not only have documentation education, but also possess foreign language and can establish effective business contacts with foreign partners, maintain trade secrets, direct business relationship in favor of domestic companies and businesses that will improve the international image of Ukraine.

Educational characteristics of bachelor training of documentation and information activities implies that the future expert:

  • able to prove the main development trends of Documentation and information infrastructure management processes;
  • is able to organize workflow system and document management system both in subject-semantic, and the technological level;
  • to carry out special functions related to the development and implementation of process documentation;
  • to implement processes information and analytical tools of computer technology and Internet services;
  • be fluent in spoken and written in Ukrainian and foreign (English, Polish and others.) languages.

Bachelor of this specialty prepared to work in information, analysis, archival, administrative, personnel departments and services, case management services businesses, organizations, institutions, companies of different profiles and ownership, as well as in public administration at all levels. Bachelor of documentation and information activity in terms of acquiring knowledge and practical skills can adapt to such related activities as marketing, advertising, public relations, accounting and control, and others.

  • specialists in "Information analysts and Public relations"

A specialist in information analysts and public relations is "a universal specialist" who has to master fundamental knowledge of communications, information and analytical work, linguistics, psychology, marketing, design, technology, new media, etc., and this is impossible without long preparation for special training courses to be introduced to the variable of educational and vocational programs for bachelors certain specialization.

Basis of preparation of professionals, analysts and public relations have professional competence on issues such as organization, principles and types of work in the field of information and analytical activities; organization, principles and types of work in the field of public relations; Modern technologies of positioning; communicative activity that involves mastery of state and foreign languages, as well as focuses on philological training.

In practice, experts in a particular specialization have to perform a number of functions:

  • to participate in the organization of PR-campaign;
  • to carry out information and analytical activities;
  • to provide information and advisory and consulting services;
  • define the conceptual basis of the information and analytical activities or public relations at the enterprise;
  • working to improve the information technology business;
  • to carry out information and computer software information and analytical activities or public relations;
  • search for information using global information networks, search for information using automated information - search and systems of reference;
  • analyze and summarize the domestic theory and practice of market economy for the formation of information and analytical work, public relations.

Specialists who receive specialization "Information analyst and public relations", can work in the following institutions and organizations:

  • PR-agency;
  • information and analytical centers;
  • print and electronic media;
  • publishing and printing plants;
  • PR-department of any state and commercial institutions;
  • Press service companies, political parties and public organizations.

The specialist can perform the indicated professional work:

  • Information Analyst;
  • Press Secretary of the social, political, commercial or public institutions;
  • speechwriters;
  • Manager (manager) in the provision of information;
  • Specialist in public relations and the press;
  • Expert on social and political issues;
  • Consult with socio-political issues (in parties and other public organizations) and others.

The Bachelor is able to to carry out the specified professional work (professional titles of works, codes and names of classification groups of occupations by State Classifier of professions DK 003: 2010

Education for a bachelor's degree within the limits of "Information, library and archives"

In today's information society, practical skills and competence, knowledge of information technology, foreign languages, management of documentary information, the ability to carry out information and analytical forecasting become the driving force of social and economic progress.

Specialists in documentation and information activities, information analysts and public relations fill significant gaps in the state and business structures of our country, opening one of the resources for the further improvement and development of economic relationships, and improve management.

Making different kinds of information communications society with advanced production technology requires the use of appropriate modern information and communication technologies.


Today in all European countries implemented e-government. Ukraine also gradually implements this process in life. Electronic Document Management System - is a component of e-government. The Department established the Laboratory "Virtual Office", which is equipped with modern office equipment and software. In the lab, students acquire practical skills and skills in e-government and electronic document with the issuance of certificates of Computer Technology Center InfoPlus and Company NetKom Techology.

Students will study the State University of Telecommunications exclusive block of disciplines in which most attention deserves practical component - electronic document management: mastering software provided by Computer Technology Center Infoplus - electronic document "Askod" and the Company NetKom Technology - electronic document "Delo".

The Department provides training foreign language for international exams: TOEIC, TOEFL, FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS. As a result of successful testing of graduates with diploma of state standard can obtain an international certificate.

The main training blocks and specialized professional training courses

Informational: Information-analytical activities, information law, information security, computer technology documentation, information retrieval language, information management relations;

Analytical: analytical and synthetic processing of information, organization and management of information institutions, information-analytical technologies;

Documentological: records management, electronic document management, document management, document software company, document funds;

Linguistic: study two foreign languages, practical course of foreign language communication and translation, style and culture office documents, business communication.

The primary positions that could hold after graduation

  • information manager;
  • the expert in institutions associated with information activities etc.
  • referent in government or in establishments of different ownership;
  • assistant of the basic activities;
  • workflow specialist;
  • texpert in the field of documentary communications;
  • assistant manager;
  • manager of Public Relations (Public Relations);
  • advertising manager and others.

The main places where you can work after graduation

  • state and local authorities;
  • information-analytical department (government, banks, tax agencies of statistics);
  • scientific and technical information, patent departments of enterprises and organizations;
  • universities;
  • information, advertising firms and agencies;
  • service personnel;
  • consulting centers;
  • information centers, employment centers;
  • department / service record keeping, documentation of management, secretariats, offices, businesses and others.

The main tasks that may decide the future graduate:

  • to carry out information and analytical support structures at all levels;
  • conduct information-analytical studies;
  • manage document-flow of information;
  • organize and conduct advertising and PR-company;
  • organize effective workflow based on new information technologies;
  • apply advanced intelligent technologies for receiving, analyzing, processing.

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  • State University of Telecommunications - only the relevant institution of higher education in the field of telecommunications, information technology and IT
  • Free Academy CCNA courses «CISCO»
  • Provides training for reserve officers
  • The University has a certified Ukraine Academy of Hewlett-Packard
  • The University is in the top 150 universities in Ukraine (according
  • The highest salaries are graduates of our University - workers in the sphere of information technologies
  • International diploma
  • Developed and effective student government
  • University laboratories equipped with equipment Alcatel-Lucent, where students gain practical skills
  • Multi-colored and rich student life
  • Provides training professionals most promising areas of IT technologies telecommunications, data protection, management and entrepreneurship
  • High levels of personnel and material support
  • The ability to study part-time and distance learning
  • The ability to simultaneously acquire two degrees from the University
  • Providing students with hostels

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