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Department of Economics and social technologies is a unit of Training and Research Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, of the State University of Telecommunications, offers a range of educational services in accordance with industry standards of higher education in Ukraine as graduating department in a field of knowledge 05 "Social and behavioral science":

  • Speciality for educational degree "bachelor" 054 "Sociology" with the licensed number of students 30 people of full-time and 30 people part-time teaching;
  • Specialization for the qualification level "specialist" 054 "Sociology" with the licensed number of students 20 persons of full-time;
  • Specialization in educational degree "master" 054 "Sociology" with the licensed number of students 30 people of full-time and 30 people of part-time teaching.

Sociologist is a specialist who deals with research, analysis and interpretation of social phenomena in any sphere of society (economics, politics, law, science, culture, etc.).

Sociologist task is to collect the greatest quantity information in the study area. Sociologist:

  • defines the scope of the study;
  • examines the results of previous research on this subject;
  • prepares handouts for the survey and interviews;
  • collects, processes and analyzes the data;
  • disseminates results.

That is, regardless of the surroundings, the purpose of the expert-sociologist is:

  • to understand the mechanisms that govern human activities (internal world, interpersonal relations, etc.);
  • to analyze, describe, assess problems, facts and phenomena occurring in society, some groups and communities.

Sociologist is a profession mostly of mental work associated with obtaining and processing information.

In a broader sense, sociologist is a scientist who finds detailed picture of society, detects and investigates social phenomena using mathematical methods of data obtained during the survey.

Sociologists can build a career in a field of scientific research, and in the administrative sphere.

Graduates are prepared for professional careers as sociologists in public enterprises and institutions, sociological and analytical services, commercial firms and research institutions in the field of education. Our graduates successfully work in sociological and marketing firms in the field of political management. Having sociologist profession, you can work efficiently:

  • in state, municipal and corporate governance;
  • personnel management specialists;
  • the departments of social service ministries and agencies, production companies and corporations;
  • in the press, on television, in advertising agencies in the field of public relations (PR);
  • experts-analysts for market research communications services: ПрАТ «Київстар», ПрАТ «МТС Україна», ПАТ «Укртелеком», ПрАТ «Телесистеми України», ЗАТ «Телесвіт», ЗАТ «Телекомінвест-Київ», компанія «ВОЛЯ», компанія «Інтертелеком», ТОВ «Інфоком», ЗАТ «МЕДІА ІНВЕСТ», ТОВ «Оптіма-телеком» and others.

Also, the Department provides an educational process for all specialties of the university disciplines humanities.

In 2004 the department of Economics and social technologies was created. During the 2004-2014 biennium the Heads of department were: PhD, Associate Professor Anatoly Sayenko, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Vladimir Ostroukhov, PhD, associate professor Yury Romanenko, Ph.D., professor Valery Anan'yin.

Research and teaching staff comprises 13 professionals: doctors - 3 (23%), PhD - 8 (69%).

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