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Methodical work

Methodical work of department of sociology is based on current requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the State University of Telecommunications. It aims further improve ment of methods or all kinds of classes and students' independent work with the active use of innovative technologies and methods.

Research and teaching staff of the department are actively working on new educational technology of educational process. ECTS Organization of educational process is one of the most modern technology, which enhances the quality of education in the information society, educational mobility to every student (the ability to study in different educational institutions), acquisition of opportunities for self-realization and competitiveness in today's job market.

Research and teaching staff of the department is actively introducing new technologies, forms and methods of teaching. Use of the Moodle System is introduced during lectures and practical classes on subjects taught at the Department. E-course that includes the following educational elements: a survey of students, electronic lectures, self-tests, guidelines for preparation for and implementation seminars and practical laboratory work, module control (testing) is being developed.

For the convenience of students they will have opportunity to save the results of practical work in the system Moodle system and teachers will check the results of the practical and laboratory work in remote mode. Attending of lecturer lessons of Moodle Program enhances quality control measures.

The research and teaching staff of the department focus on the revitalization of independent learning of students using innovative and traditional methods of modern education. In the current system of monitoring of students learning an important area is the ​​development and implementation of methods of individualization of learning and self-improvement students. For this purpose, essays, individual assignments, consultations, game situations, presentations, and other approaches.

Research and teaching staff of the department are working to improve the organization and methods of examination of "Sociology", "Social Psychology", "Political Science" and other subjects have been revised. The list of questions for exam has been expanded all the issues specified close to the future practice.

Permanent methodical seminar of teaching staff of the department, which discusses important issues of educational work with the experience of leading domestic and foreign universities performs significant role in improving of teaching techniques. The department regularly conducts teaching sessions aimed at sharing of professional experience. All teachers of the department attend lectures and workshops of their colleagues. Research and teaching staff of the department constantly improve their scientific and pedagogical qualifications in specialized institutions and educational institutions.

The annual scientific-methodical conferences of teachers f State University of Telecommunication, which involved all the scientific and pedagogical staff play significant role in the methodical work of the department and improve efficiency of the educational process.

The Department of Sociology and Humanities are testing these controls, self-monitoring and assessment of students learning, ensuring their interest in the outcome of the educational process throughout the semester. For this purpose the department is improving the rating assessment system of student learning.

The Department aims methodical work not only to improve the efficiency of theory assimilation, methodology and practice of disciplines, but also to improve methods of forming of professional qualities of future sociologists.

Research and teaching staff of the department of sociology is actively involved in vocational work among schools graduate and other educational institutions of secondary education to engage in learning at State University of Telecommunications, they popularize information on the areas of training and specialties of the University, the possibility of future employment of university graduates, the prospects of scientific activities, sign cooperation agreements.

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