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Research activities

1. Background

Department of Sociology was organized October 1, 2014, It is structurally subordinated to Educational institute of management and entrepreneurship of State University of Telecommunications.

2. Research and teaching and research staff of the department.

Scientific potential (number of doctors and candidates of sciences).

Research and teaching staff comprises 13 professionals: doctors - 3 (23%), PhD - 8 (69%).

Research Department of Sociology is an integral part of educational activities and is carried out to integrate scientific, educational and industrial activity, it is ensured through the participation of teaching staff in scientific work, organizing scientific, methodical seminars, conferences, competitions, research. The department carries out and plans Systematic research and specific issues of society, considering global best practice that promotes the development of the most appropriate organizational and innovative solutions.

Research Department of Sociology is aimed at research, introduction of the research results to the educational process and creation on modern educational technologies, guaranteeing system of links while studying subjects of different educational levels.

3. Preparation of scientific and pedagogical personnel of the highest qualification

The Chart of scientific and teaching staff of the department

The department senior lecturer M.S.Trush is working on dissertation research.

The main purpose of scientific activity is gaining scientific knowledge through research and their focus on the creation and implementation of new competitive technologies for the innovative development of society, training innovative type.

The main areas of research are:

  • sociological research to improve management decisions in enterprises;
  • social changes in Ukrainian society as an ethical and aesthetic problem;
  • the role of sociological research on optimization of personnel.

Primary school of academic future professional growth is paying attention to research. Therefore, the Department has student scientific groups from different areas of research activities, including:

  • «Philosophy and youth" - supervisor: Associate Professor, PhD R.V.Atashkade;
  • «Ukrainian historical science: research methodology" - supervisor: Associate Professor, Ph.D. S.A.Dmytruk;
  • «World Policy: History, Theory, Practice" - supervisor: associate professor, political science N.A.Dubovyk;
  • «Methods and methodology of sociological research" - supervisor: Associate Professor, PhD in Sociology O.V.Kozhedub.

The undergraduate students are involved in research topics of the department,they communicate to scientists, make acquaintance with modern science fields, and various conferences, competitions, both at the university and beyond summarize this creative work. At the national and regional student research and creative competitions of scientific work of students are estimated at a high level each year.

In particular, in recent years the results of students research were presented at the X International Scientific Conference of students and young people, which took place on 25-26 April 2013 at State University of Telecommunications and International scientific conference of students and young scientists "Days of Science Faculty of Philosophy - 2013 "at the philosophical faculty of Kyiv national Taras Shevchenko University 16-17 April 2013

Faculty was involved in preparing students to participate in a roundtable "Ukrainian linguistics in the of the Common slavonic context " in the SUT, which was held 10 November 2014 on the occasion of the Day of Ukraine in Ukrainian literature and language.

December 9, 2014, as part of the Student Scientific Conference "Social and economic problems of the Information Society", organized by the Educational and Scientific Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, held a meeting of the section "The development of social technologies in the information society." University students, who were prepared by the members of the department of sociology and the humanities, political science, associate N.A.Dubovyk, senior teachers O.V.Demchenko, M.S.Trush, I.I.Orekhova took part in the work of the section.

April 16, 2015 an open educational and scientific seminar "Philosophy and Language" was held, which was attended by foreign students SUT due to the efforts of teachers trails S.O.Stezhko and R.V.Atashkade and students of TSD-24.

November 26, 2015 scientific and theoretical conference "The philosophy that unites" was held at State University of Telecommunications The conference was attended by students of all specialties SUT. The event was organized due to assistant professor of sociology and the humanities, candidate of historical sciences V.I.Kachmala and the candidate of philosophical sciences R.V.Atashkade.

26-27 November 2015 teachers of the department of sociology and the humanities of State University of telecommunications Assoc. N.A.Dubovyk and senior teacher. Trush M.S. participated in the International Scientific Conference on Sociology "The state and global social change: the historical sociology of domination and resistance in modern era",that was held at National Technical University "KPI", involving groups of students STD-31.

4. Fundamental and applied research.

4.1. Research.

The department of sociology conducted scientific research on the following topics:

• «Polls transformations of ideological orientations of students of technical university in the study of social and human sciences."

• «social context of the democratic transit of Ukraine as the guarantee of system reforms in modern conditions."

4.2. Implementation and application of scientific results.

The results will outline the social problems and model the way out of the crisis of Ukrainian society.

5. Scientific and information support of the department.

Research and teaching staff of the department are authors of educational and instructional manuals, guidelines, scientific monographs, pamphlets, articles (see. In "Publishing").

They also take an active part in the organization of scientific and international, national, interuniversity and university conferences, seminars, round tables.

During 2014-2015 we can highlight the following:

  • International Conference "Days of Science Faculty of Philosophy - 2014", held 15-16 April 2014 at the Philosophical Faculty of Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University (O.P.Polysaiev report "Social myth-making as an essential component of the political and spiritual life of society ");
  • Cathedral educational-methodical seminar "Archival Fund of Ukraine and their state of preservation on the topic of Ukrainian national democratic revolution of 1917-1921.", Which held April 29, 2014 (Atashkade R.V., Kachmala V.I.);
  • XIII All-Ukrainian conference of Local History "Local Shevchenkiana of Ukraine", dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko, which was held on 24-25 October 2014 in the Shevchenko National Reserve in Kaniv (Dmytruk S.A. report " The poem by Taras Shevchenko "Heretic" as a work-dedicated to Czech people ");
  • XIV International scientific conference "Problems and prospects of modern science", held October 25-26, 2014, Chernivtsi (N.A.Dubovyk report "Communications as an important component of reform to stabilize the society");
  • Fourth Czech-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference "Ways of development of culture of Czechs Ukraine" on the topic: "The Czechs Kyiv region: history and modernity", held December 13, 2014 in Kiev, Ukrainian-Czech Cultural and Educational Society "Vyshegrad" (Dmytruk S.A., report "Kyiv during the life and work of Olexandr Yanata");
  • XVI International scientific-practical conference "Achievements and Prospects of modern science", held 27-28 December 2014 in the city of Chernivtsi (N.A.Dubovyk report "Political and psychological aspects of the image of the party (G. Lebon)") ;
  • XVII International scientific and practical conference "Advances in science and practice", held 24-25 January 2015 Chernivtsi (N.A.Dubovyk report "The political elite in Ukraine: historical and theoretical perspective");
  • International scientific-practical conference "Priority directions of social studies in the XXI century", held on 27-28 February 2015 in the city of Kherson (Horpynych O.V. report "communicative impact of crisis management");
  • XVIII International scientific conference "Problems and prospects of practical implementation of research", held February 27-28, 2015, Chernivtsi (N.A.Dubovyk, report "On the question of" life-world "in the works of Husserl" , Kozhedub O.V. report "The main idea verstehen Alfred Shyutsa);
  • International Scientific Conference "Modernization of Ukrainian society in the world association agreement with the EU", held 2-3 April 2015 (O.V.Horpynych report "Civil disobedience and civil society");
  • VII International scientific-practical conference "Management in Education" held on 16-18 April 2015 (N.A.Dubovyk report "Political socialization and the role of communication in the learning process");
  • National Conference "War and armed conflict in Eastern Europe in the XX - XXI century", held May 22, 2015 at the History Department of Zhytomyr State Ivan Franko University (Kachmala V.I.);
  • The Fourth National Scientific Conference "Scientific Dialogue" East-West ", which was held on May 25, 2015 in the city Kamyanetz-Podilskyi (N.A.Dubovyk report" Cultural and political values in the work of Jurgen Habermas' , Kozhedub O.V. report "Political values and their educational potential");
  • IV International Scientific Conference on Sociology "Social and political configuration Nouveau: political power in Ukraine and in the world", held June 3-4, 2015 NTU "KPI" at the Department of Sociology and Law NTU "KPI" (O.V.Kozhedub, report "Political power system in Ukraine and its reform", Atashkade R.V, report "Syncretism tradition and innovation in postmodern society");
  • XXV International Scientific Conference "Economics and modern technologies", held on 29-30 September 2015 (N.A.Dubovyk report "Liberal Democracy or" corporate enclave "?");
  • International scientific-theoretical conference "Tolerance as a social and humanitarian problem of our time", held 1-2 October 2015 in Zhytomyr (Polysaiev O.P. report "The political leadership in the context of the information society");
  • Fourth Ukrainian historical and cultural forum "Sikorski reading" which was held October 13, 2015 in Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi State Pedagogical University Hryhoriy Skovoroda (Dmytruk S.A.);
  • I International Scientific Conference "Actual problems of science and technology", which was held October 22, 2015 at State University of Telecommunications (Dmytruk S.A. report "Traditionally, Czechs consumer culture in Ukraine");
  • National Conference "Personality in Ukrainian history: the view through the ages (the 100th anniversary of academician of Ukraine P.T.Tronko)", which took place on November 6, 2015 in Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University (Dmytruk S.A. report "Conductor and composer Joseph Prybik in the cultural environment of Ukraine");
  • National scientific-practical conference "Library local history in the cultural space of Ukraine" within the III National History readings of Petro Tronko memory held November 12, 2015 at the National Historical Library Ukraine (Dmytruk S.A. report "Czech settltment in the south of Ukraine in the second half of XIX - early XX century: local history bibliography ");
  • November 19, 2015 within the work of the International Scientific Conference "Modern information and telecommunication technologies", organized by the National Institute of Telecommunications, a meeting of the Section of Sociology "Socio aspects of information technology" was held. Moderators of sections: Ph.D., Professor, Head. Department of Sociology O.P.Polysaiev, PhD, professor Yu.V.Romanenko;
  • December 17, 2015 at the Department of Sociology nd Humanities of State University of Telecommunications a scientific seminar "Modern trends in education" was held. The speakers were Doctor of Psychology, Professor of T.M.Malkova "Current global trends in education", Ph.D., assistant professor of S.A.Dmytruk "Legal Support to Education Reform in Ukraine: Based on parliamentary hearings" and V.I.Kachmala "The results of the survey of students of the State University of telecommunications about the development of education. " Ph.D., Head of department O.P.Polysayev, PhD, professor Yu.V.Romanenko and assistant professor, Ph.D. R.V.Atashkade, candidate of political science, N.A.Dubovyk, PhD O.V.Horpynych, Ph.D. I.F.Timkin, PhD in Sociology O.V.Kozhedub took part in the disscusion.

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