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Department of Computer Science

Specialty 122 Computer Science

The department of Computer sciences carries out teaching of students in the field of Information technologies in the specialty 122 "Computer science" (Computer Science, CS).

The Computer Science specialist is a leader and IT technician. He knows design organization techniques, he has a specialization in several areas, particularly: the theory of programming languages, neural networks, data architecture, machine learning, risk analysis, process optimization, system engineering. A unique combination of technical IT skills, intuition, the ability to explain, the ability to solve problems and business flair are distinctive characteristics of this specialist. 


The purpose of the study of computer science is to know in depth all the main sections of information technology and to understand clearly the relationship between applications and computer systems. It is possible to become a true specialist in modern Computer Science only with a comprehensive learning of all components of Information Technologies.

Therefore, our graduates can take the following positions:

Software developer and software tester, system administrator; database administrator, web designer; information protection engineer; project manager (team leader) system integrator; IT architect. 

In the process of the training innovative content implementation, our department has made agreements with companies that are potential customers of graduates trained with the department specialty.   

With conscientious training in our department, you will become this kind of specialist and receive the first highly paid workplace that will ensure your independent and stable financial future.  

During the training, the graduate will acquire knowledge from the following main domains: algorithms and data structures, all stages of the software development life cycle, databases and information and search engines, web technologies, computer architecture, operating systems and computer networks, virtualization technologies, artificial intelligence, cloud technologies and robotics, human and computer interaction.

He will gain practical skills in programming, operating systems, server administration, operating data centre equipment, developing and deploying converged network technologies, configuring server platforms and drives, using network and server technologies to deploy virtualization systems and cloud technologies, solving applications in the Java programming language.


Integration of modern IT technologies is fulfilled at the final stage of training of extremely important and high-tech courses: software-defined network infrastructure (SDN) and hybrid cloud organization (HPE Openstack).


For the purpose of training of highly qualified technicians for successful and well-known global IT companies, the Department of Computer Science has developed and embodied the innovative training content in the educational process. 

Our students annually take prizes at all-Ukrainian competitions of student scientific works. 



The project of student Antonov Vitaly "UAV for the accurate construction of maps" won the competition of projects and startups the InnoDnipro, and the author received a monetary reward of 50,000 hryvnias. 


Students take practice at leading enterprises in the industry, starting from the 2nd year of their study. First – to get acquainted and form an appropriate view. Further, in the 3rd year study, to form appropriate professional skills and production skills. In the 4th year – to consolidate theoretical knowledge and practical implementation of the results of further diploma project.  


Highly qualified scientists and lecturers conduct lectures at the department. Among them are: 8 Philosophy Doctors in technics, 3 Doctors of Science in technics as well as 3 practitioners who work in partner companies of the department. 


A new equipment for the Data Processing Centre, which is located in the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Technology Training and Research Centre (the only in Ukraine), is the hardware platform for the implementation of high-level IT technologies in the educational process. They are: 

Computers HP ProDesk 400 - 25 pcs. (2020)

Multimedia system -1 pc.

HPE Server ProLiant DL380 Gen10 - 1 pc.

Server DL360 Gen7 -1 pc.

Server DL60 Gen9 - 2 pcs.

Network switches NR 2620 - 6 pcs.

Network switches NR 5500 Comware - 4 pcs.

Switchboards of access of NRE of 3800 - 2 pieces.

Switchboards of a kernel of NRE of 5510 - 2 pieces.

Aruba Instant access point - 2 pcs.


Our students receive skills in administration and testing of developed software at the level of international professional certification here. 

The Hewlett Packard Enterprise Technology Training and Research Centre allows you to provide practical training in a full measure in accordance with the competencies of partner companies of the department, such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Evergreen, Ucloud, UNAOC, Vincom Ukraine and companies that are the part of Kyiv IT cluster. Our department has concluded the agreements with these companies on cooperation, practice and further employment of students.

The study of the above stated technologies provides an opportunity to obtain international certificates Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Oracle, IVM, which confirm the real practical ability of students to use modern information technologies.


During the first year of study, students receive international certificates that grant them the right to receive their first well-paid job, which will provide them with an independent financial future. 


The diagram shows the increase in the recruitment of students at the department by year, from the moment of the creation of the department until 2021, which is the evidence of the growth in the prestige of the specialty which is taught by our department.  


Head of department, Doctor of Science in technics, Professor Vyshnivskiy Victor Victorovich  

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The phone number of the selection committee is:

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