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Department of Artificial Intelligence

The Department of Artificial Intelligence trains students in the specialty 122 - Computer Science (Educational and professional program "Artificial Intelligence").

Currently, artificial intelligence technologies are used in almost all areas, including IT, transport, medical, financial, industrial, etc., so there is a growing demand for qualified professionals who can solve complex problems related to the creation and training of artificial neural networks, recognition language and images, analysis of large amounts of data.

The development of artificial intelligence will lead to the improvement of management processes, the development of relations between producers and consumers, the optimization of all business processes, the improvement of planning and human resources. In the near future, people will be surrounded by more and more "smart things" with which it will be possible to solve many problems with high speed and accuracy.

The Department of Artificial Intelligence trains specialists in the development of information technology for the management of complex systems and processes for various purposes.

Positions and areas of employment of a graduate of the Department of Artificial Intelligence


Thanks to the fruitful relations of the Department of Artificial Intelligence with partner companies "Huawei", "CISCO", "Lifecell", "Hewlett Packard Enterprise", "IBM" students have the opportunity to improve professional competencies, get closer to global requirements of employers and today's challenges. innovative activities of companies.

The department has concluded agreements on cooperation with the companies "Ukrainian System Innovations", the Institute of Artificial Intelligence, "Antek-Telecom", "Power-Expert", which are potential employers for students of the department, where they have the opportunity to do internships with further employment.

The department organizes and conducts training practices in partner companies of the department. All types of practice provide students with the opportunity to obtain basic knowledge about the profession; acquisition of theoretical knowledge and practical skills to perform future duties; practical application and improvement of theoretical knowledge acquired at the department and practical skills and abilities in the production of companies - partners of the departments.

This gives the student the opportunity to better understand the essence of the specialty in which he is studying, and to gain practical experience in companies and to show himself on the best side, so that the company was interested in hiring him.


With conscientious training, graduates of the Department of Artificial Intelligence will be able to build a successful career and secure a decent financial future!

The Department of Artificial Intelligence is a modern department with a progressive approach to teaching disciplines, which provides excellent theoretical and practical training of students, taking into account the latest advances in science and technology.


When conducting classes at the department, theoretical training is 33%, and practical training is at least 67% of training sessions.

In IT companies, much attention is paid to knowledge of English.

The department implements a system of in-depth study of English, which ensures its mastery during training at the level of international standard B2. In the 1st and 2nd courses, English language classes are held in pairs for a week, taking into account the terminology of the department. In the 3rd, 4th, 5th courses in all disciplines taught at the department 20% of classes are conducted in English, which gives a competitive advantage to our graduates.

Excellent training of students of the department became possible due to the staffing of the department with highly professional teachers and the best employees of partner companies of the department. They provide our students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills and abilities to use them when working on the latest generation equipment, hardware and software systems and software of partner companies of the departments - potential employers.


All rooms of the department are provided with free access to high-speed Internet, which allows our students to use the resources of the University electronic library, world periodicals in the field of information technology, use distance learning Moodle and electronic class schedule.

The training laboratories of the Department of Artificial Intelligence are equipped with modern hardware and software, which allows to fully provide the student of the department with practical skills and abilities in the specialty of the department.




As part of the educational process, students of the department who studied in good faith and mastered the knowledge of the disciplines of the educational program receive international certificates from partner companies of the department, which confirm practical knowledge in HCIA-AI (Artificial Intelligence) from Huawei and PCAP: programming basics in Python from CISCO.

Certificates entitle you to the first high-paying job!


Certificates from partner companies of the department


Studying in the specialty of the department, you will receive a quality higher education at an affordable price, and most importantly, the certificate of the partner company of the department received during the training guarantees you the first high-paying job!


Contact for feedback with the head of the Department of Artificial Intelligence to discuss and resolve additional issues that may arise with the entrant or his parents.


Head of the Department of Artificial Intelligence,

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Zinchenko Olha


telephone: +38 (063) 350-32-63
Viber / Telegram: +38 (063) 350-32-63

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  • The ability to study part-time and distance learning
  • The ability to simultaneously acquire two degrees from the University
  • Providing students with hostels

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