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Department of Mobile and Videoinformation Technologies

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Welcome to the page of the department "Mobile and videoinformation technologies"

    The staff of the department welcomes creative and motivated youth. If you want to develop, you are ready to work conscientiously and receive a high remuneration for your work, the Department of MW is your ticket to the demanded and highly paid information future!

    The MVT department prepares bachelors in the specialization "Mobile telecommunications and digital television systems" and masters in the specialization "Radio communication equipment, broadcasting and television", specialty 172 - Telecommunications and radio engineering.

In the modern world, mobile telecommunications are developing so intensively that changes in them occur very quickly. Humanity is moving to a new mobile level of communication and information transfer, which means that there are many changes ahead in wireless and IT technologies.


The demand for such innovative radio technologies and solutions in modern society, as well as their active development, generate a demand for qualified specialists. The IT sphere, for example, is very attractive for investors, so business is actively developing in it and new companies are emerging. This means that there are more and more jobs. Statistics show that almost every profession in the field of wireless technologies for the provision of mobile multimedia services is popular among employers, but there are those that have an obvious advantage. Highly qualified specialists are required in the companies of cellular communications, television, the Internet, in technical support services, in help desks. Due to the rapid development of the Internet, engineering and technical workers whose activities are related to it are very relevant. Some organizations cannot do without mobile telecommunications engineers and technicians. That is why specialty 172 - Telecommunications and radio engineering is modern, relevant and innovative, and most importantly - promising for the coming decades!

After successfully mastering the specialty, you can occupy the following positions:

Base Station Upgrade Specialist

Network equipment maintenance and operation specialist

Cellular Network Design Specialist

Test Automation Engineer

Technical Supervision Engineer

Network Monitoring Engineer

Radio Network Optimization Engineer

Cellular Network Design Engineer

Telecommunication and telecommunication line structures engineer

System Administration Sector Engineer

Satellite Solutions Sector Engineer

Leading specialist in managing customer service processes

It is these positions that are in demand in the leading IT companies - partners of the department, with which cooperation agreements have been concluded:

The study of the disciplines of general training is carried out from the first to the eighth semester in order to fully ensure the mastery by students of the following professional knowledge and skills:With conscientious training, you are guaranteed to become a professional in mobile telecommunications, allowing you to build a professional career and secure your independent financial future!


Participation in the definition of test specifications for LTE equipment;

Participation in test execution and reporting of errors discovered during testing;

Participation in the analysis and diagnosis of regular systemic regression tests;

Participation in the analysis, troubleshooting of complex software / control systems;

Development and creation of new test automation scripts;

Taking part in improving the test automation strategy and internal automation tools;

Integration of LTE solutions on various platforms;

Participation in the integration of LTE technologies;

Participation in the selection of specifications and criteria for the adoption of integration of LTE solutions;

Analyze and solve any possible problems as part of a comprehensive solution for the implementation of LTE;

Improving network performance by changing network parameters (frequencies, scrambling codes, neighbor cell list, coverage area code, antenna tilt, azimuth, power);

Identification of non-working cells;

Implementation and evaluation of new radio functions in the network;

Participate in nominal network planning, prioritizing network planning, determining network profitability;

Performing radio network capacity management;

Having fully mastered the acquired knowledge, the graduate of the MVT department receives not only highly professional skills in working with specialized equipment of communication systems of the 4th and 5th generation, but also the opportunity to realize himself as a specialist in the design and construction of a radio network according to his own project.

The key to innovative teaching, providing students with the necessary theoretical information is the use in the educational process of the latest developments and technologies in the global branch of science and technology. Studying the principles of operation of modern data transmission systems, methods of coding and information processing, the students of the department master the technologies of the future, which means - knowledge and skills that will be relevant for the next decades.

It is such specialists with excellent knowledge and skills that modern IT companies are looking for. Every large infocommunication company is interested in theoretically trained specialists who are not only fluent in theory, but also know how to work with modern telecommunication equipment and are confident users of mobile gadgets and stationary data processing complexes.

Therefore, the goal of the Department of Mobile and Video Information Technologies is to provide our students with modern, relevant and timely information in the field of mobile telecommunications. The highly qualified teaching staff of the department is responsible for excellent theoretical training. Doctors and candidates of technical sciences, who have a wealth of experience in the IT industry, provide the students of the department with knowledge that are recognized at the highest level by the telecommunications partner companies of the department. And this, in turn, means that our graduate, with conscientious training, has the opportunity to get the first high-paying job in a leading IT company.

Equipment and modern software solutions, for the practical study of which at least 50% of the study time is allocated, will allow you to master the competencies, that is, the requirements imposed by employers on applicants, and therefore, this gives you the opportunity of guaranteed employment!

To ensure a high-quality educational process, the teaching and pedagogical staff of the Department of Mobile and Video Information Technologies are constantly improving their scientific and professional qualifications. Obtaining the academic title of Candidate of Technical Sciences or Doctor of Technical Sciences by a teacher is not just a systematic work. These are years of scientific development, practical implementation and dozens of published scientific works (including abroad).

Only a highly qualified employee can teach a student the knowledge and practical skills that will be useful to him for further employment and self-realization as a specialist in the field of mobile telecommunications!

Material and technical base of the department

Mobile and video information technologies

An important component of training a specialist in the field of mobile telecommunications is the practical component of training. The MVT department has deployed complexes of mobile communication of the 3rd and 4th generation standards (from Ericsson and Siemens), modern video surveillance systems (from Hikvision), satellite communication systems and the Atoll software and hardware complex for planning, designing and deploying cellular networks.

With conscientious study of academic disciplines, mastering theoretical knowledge and practical skills, our students have the opportunity to apply for a job in such companies:

Within the framework of the educational process with conscientious learning and mastering of knowledge in such disciplines of the educational program as "Mobile communication systems", "Reception and processing of signals", "Network planning of digital radio communication and radio access systems of a new generation", students of the department have the opportunity to be tested with the help of teachers Departments, which received the status of instructors of partner companies, receive a certificate from Lifecell and Axis Communication in the following areas: control and optimization of radio networks and the basics of network video.

Obtaining certificates by students of the department

Mobile and videoinformation technologies

Obtaining these certificates is a pass for each of our graduates to obtain the first high-paying job in a prestigious company, followed by a secured and independent financial future.

Obtaining certificates from Lifecell

"Control and Optimization of Radio networks"

Obtaining certificates from Axis Communication

«Network Video Fundamentals»


Obtaining a certificate from a partner company of the department is provided for in the concluded cooperation agreement. Therefore, employers are also interested in certified young professionals.

Certificates that students can receive during the educational process:





Despite the quarantine restrictions that have affected all spheres of activity of our country, the work on certification of students of the Department of Mobile and Video Information Technologies does not stop!

Dynamics of issuing certificates to students of the department

Mobile and videoinformation technologies

All students who successfully passed the test and completed the instructors' task were entitled to a priority job in a partner company of the Department of Mobile and Video Information Technologies

Increasing the recruitment of students to the department MVT

Today, modern mobile telecommunications and digital television systems are characterized by rapid development and constant introduction of innovative technologies. The personnel of such companies must be prepared for rapid dynamic development, and, accordingly, for the introduction of the latest solutions, the expansion of networks and the market for services. These facts set high demands on specialists who are involved in the technical operation and management of cellular and digital television networks. For the practical implementation of this area of ​​training, the MW Department has relied on the strategic interest of a number of major foreign firms and domestic mobile operators, as well as manufacturers of digital television equipment for their products and services, primarily software, mobile and wireless broadband technologies, mobile and multimedia services. That is why the interest of applicants in the specialization of the department is growing every year:

The number of applicants who entered training at the level of education "Bachelor":

The number of applicants who entered the training for the level of education "Master": 

The number of places for the state order for the specialty 172 - Telecommunications and radio engineering is 124 places.

Conditions for admission to training at the department MVT

You can get acquainted with the conditions of admission to the bachelor's and master's degree of full-time and / or correspondence form of study by the link.

Tuition fees at the Department of Mobile and Videoinformation Technologies


Educational level


Full-time education


Mobile telecommunications and digital television systems

2 300 USD



Equipment for radio communication, broadcasting and television

2 600 USD


If you have any questions, please contact the head of the department of MVT Lyudmila Andriivna Kirpach by phone: (044) 249-25-04

(097) 331-64-27

172 - Telecommunications and radio engineering!We are waiting for you in a team of professional and experienced specialists of the most popular and promising specialty -

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