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Department of Technical Information Protection Systems

Specialty training

Field of knowledge 12 Information technology

Specialty 125 Cybersecurity

Educational professional program - «Technical systems of information and cyber security»

Educational qualification: «Bachelor of Cyber ​​Security»

Professional qualification: 3439 Specialist in information security organization with limited access

Today, the whole world is becoming a single information space in which communication, trade, mutual settlements are carried out using technical means, which today are the main tools of our lives - it's personal computers, mobile phones, gadgets. These tools are different, but what they have in common is that they store information, receive and transmit it. The purpose of protecting information is to preserve its integrity, protect it from theft and prevent its replacement. Most people do not distinguish between the concepts of information protection and security, but these are different things. It is our department - the Department of Information and Cyber ​​Security Systems that is the tip of the iceberg of cyber security. This is due to the fact that it is at our department that students study the principles of digital signal processing, the principles of information storage, the principles of transmission and reception. Traffic in computer systems and networks are technical channels through which information is exchanged. Thanks to the existing material base, which is in the laboratories of the department, students receive a high level of theoretical and practical training in protecting information from theft from various technical devices, in protecting information from interception during transmission and reception through all existing technical channels.

If You understand what technical information protection is and understand the difference between information protection and information security and at the same time want to become a real specialist in information and cyber security - come to us, we will make You a Guru.

Relevance, prestige and prospects of the specialty

«He who possesses information owns the world». Today, information is the most valuable product, which is in high demand in all areas of human activity. Possession of it itself allows competitors to obtain technology, criminals to intercept financial flows, powerful states to impose economic sanctions on states that have large resources and govern societies. To achieve this goal, opponents primarily use methods of unauthorized removal of information. This interception is carried out through radio-electronic, visual-optical, acoustic and vibroacoustic information transmission channels, due to secondary electromagnetic fields and through embedded devices.


The specialty received by the graduate of the department

  • At present, specialists in technical systems of information protection are an elite unit of commercial and government agencies, banks and financial institutions, embassies, special institutions whose functions are industrial and political intelligence. With constant technical innovations, the prospects of specialization "Technical systems of information and cyber security" are constantly growing.
  • Graduates of our department are specialists to solve a number of pressing problems in the field of information security, involving the development, implementation and operation of technical information protection systems at the objects of information activities, namely:
  • identify threats in automated systems;
  • organize monitoring of the information system, analyze violations of information security;
  • use a comprehensive information security system at enterprises and institutions;
  • perform maintenance, control and diagnostics integrated information security system at enterprises and institutions,
  • use hardware and software and cryptographic means of information protection;
  • protect software from unauthorized copying and exposure to software viruses;
  • use information technology to solve experimental and practical problems in their professional activities.

Positions where graduates of the department can work

  • specialist in the development of modern information security systems with limited access,
  • engineer - researcher of technical information security systems;
  • engineer - programmer of technical information security systems;
  • information security analyst.

The main customers of graduates are leading companies and institutions in the field of information protection and cybersecurity with which the department has concluded cooperation agreements.

  • State Center for Cyber ​​Defense and Countering Cyber ​​Threats
  • State Enterprise "State Center for Information Resources of Ukraine"
  • SE "Ukrainian special systems"
  • D-Link
  • AUTOPROM Research Institute
  • ESET
  • RIAS Private Enterprise
  • NomerOK
  • LLC "EPOS"
  • CRYPTON Research and Implementation Firm
  • SE "Ukrainian Scientific, Technical and Implementation Center "Security"

With conscientious training, graduates of the department will be able to build a professional career that will allow them to earn enough money that will give them the financial opportunity to fulfill their desires.


Knowledge and skills that the student acquires while studying at the department of ICSS

The specialization "Technical systems of information and cyber security" combines the study of such disciplines as higher mathematics; physics; engineering and computer graphics; algorithmic languages ​​and programming; basics of the theory of circuits, signals and physical bases of information transmission and reception, metrology in technical systems of information protection with in-depth study of disciplines of professional training: methods and means of technical protection of information; comprehensive information security systems; technical means of protection of objects; component base of means of technical protection of information; design of complex information protection systems; computer methods of analysis and design of electronic means, including basic disciplines of related areas "Information and Cyber ​​Security" and "Information Security Management".


The acquired knowledge and skills will give the graduate of the department the ability to perform the following tasks:

  • organize protection of information with limited access,
  • operate, upgrade and repair technical means of information protection;
  • protect information in computer and other technical means from copying and unauthorized access;
  • organize secret mode;
  • to organize the security of industrial facilities, banks and financial institutions, embassies, premises and public buildings, including the assessment of their security;
  • to carry out security activities provided by mechanical and electrical protective devices
  • investigation and inquiry;
  • to supervise and protect, as well as provide other types of protection with a variety of technical equipment.

The difference from other institutions of higher education for the training of students of our department is that successful and well-known companies require from us such specialists who know the theoretical component of their profession and are able to do everything practically. We achieve this due to the fact that the training of students is based on the latest advances in science and technology.

Due to the excellent theoretical training that the student receives from the first year, and which is up to 50%, more than half of the classes are conducted in practice.

A lecture, a practical lesson and a laboratory lesson are held on each topic of academic disciplines.

At the end of the lecture, the lecturer provides a list of questions for each topic to be studied by students in independent preparation for practical and laboratory classes on the topic set out in the lecture.

The department pays great attention to the study of foreign languages, and since the 3rd year 20% of professional disciplines are taught in English.


Hikvision Access Control Equipment Training Laboratory Equipment

List of special purpose devices

The university has the most modern equipment of domestic and foreign manufacturers:

Scanning receivers AOR 8000 and AOR 8200K Americano - Japanese company Outsouruti Radio Communications (Authority on Radio Communications, Ltd.)

Scanning receivers from Japan's ICOM, a major manufacturer of radio communications equipment for NATO special forces.

Nonlinearity locator NR 900 which allows to search and detect secret means of obtaining information that work in the mode of information accumulation. So-called pulsed radio embedded devices.


Training laboratory equipment №2

List of special purpose devices:

Universal device CPM-700 (so-called "SHARK") and Device ST 031M so-called "PIRANA" to detect the main types of electronic devices for covert retrieval of information.

Different in design, field detectors that detect means of covert retrieval of information of all radio frequency bands. But not only at a short distance. Therefore, they are used for detailed localization of embedded devices.

Automated software and hardware complex DigiScan Profeshinal - mobile.


Training laboratory equipment №3

List of special purpose devices:

To perform scientific - practical and research work we have simulators of real working embedded devices. These are simulators of means of secretly receiving information working on the radio channel in the Wi Fi range and other simulators of embedded devices.

The presented equipment meets all modern requirements for search and research work. This is confirmed by the presence of a license to search and block the means of covert receipt of information issued by the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine. And the opportunity to conduct training courses on this basis for employees working in the field of search and blocking of technical channels of information leakage.


International certification programs of the Department of Information and Cyber ​​Security Systems

  • IBM
  • Infotech
  • Biometrics ZKTec
  • Cisco Cybersecurity essentials course
  • Intersert-Ukraine ISO 9001 requirements and practical aspects of quality management system implementation


Certificates from partner companies

The practical skills of our students are confirmed by certificates from these companies, which in the future may become a pass to the first job. Classes for obtaining such certificates are integrated into the educational process and are conducted by our teachers who have certificates of instructors. An example is the certification system from INFOTECH. Starting from the first year, our students master the course "Introduction to technical systems of information protection", which ends with the first certificate. In the 2nd year students study "Fundamentals of implementation of complex information security systems in information and telecommunications systems", in the 3rd and 4th "Development and implementation of integrated information security systems Web - pages" and "Assessment of information security in information and communication systems” under the guidance of the teacher-instructor of the department.

The issuance of certificates confirms that the student has received high theoretical and practical training, which in turn gives him the right to get the first job with a decent salary in the company , which is a partner of the department.

At the Department of Information and Cyber ​​Security Systems is constantly growing quality staff of research and teaching staff who have a high level of professionalism and extensive practical experience in professional activities. The partner companies of the department constantly involve our teachers to solve their scientific and practical tasks.

During the training we teach students to solve important and complex issues of technical protection of information. Our students study information leakage channels, learn to design complex systems for protection of systems and networks, apply cybersecurity software.

To get acquainted in detail with the list of disciplines which are studied, it is possible having looked through the educational and professional program: "Technical systems of information and cybernetic protection" which is on this page by the link.

We qualitatively teach students not only theoretically, but also practically with the use of modern educational and material base created on the equipment of the last generation, modern progressive software and hardware complexes and software.

In the process of implementing the innovative content of education, our department has entered into agreements with companies that are potential customers of graduates majoring in training.

Only our training system includes:



Only with us You will become a professional in technical protection of information!

Head of the Department, K.T.S., Shuklin Herman Viktorovych

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