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Department of Entrepreneurship, Trade and Stock Exchange

Entrepreneurship, Trade and Stock Exchange – the most modern and most popular business specialty, which combines special knowledge, skills and practical skills to create and implement a successful business, profitable trade, and effective stock exchange.

The specialist in the field of entrepreneurship, trade and stock exchange is a new generation manager who has unique innovative entrepreneurial competencies, can work as a leader and organizer of industrial, commercial, IT enterprises, customs and logistics, investment consulting firms, organizations of various forms of ownership, be specialist in leading Ukrainian and foreign companies or successfully start your own business.

• If you like working in a developing field and has great prospects not only in Ukrainian but also in international markets

• If you want to get a promising profession

• If you want to make the most of your abilities

• If you dream of making decisions and acting independently

• If you like to be independent and start your own business


The department trains specialists in organizing and modeling their own business, conducting effective business activities in various areas of the economy, including trade and stock exchange using traditional and modern methods (Internet trading, e-commerce, etc.) and acquiring practical skills in trading and exchange platforms.

Students study a set of disciplines on the generation of business ideas in a clearly formed business plan; organization of entrepreneurship, trade and commercial, stock exchange. Graduates gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills of organization and effective conduct of their own business and implementation of business projects, organization and implementation of trade and stock exchange.

Graduates of the specialty are competitive specialists in many fields, because this specialty has a wide range of applications: from material production –to the service sector, from private business – to multinational corporations. 

A graduate majoring in "Entrepreneurship, Trade and Stock Exchange" is able to carry out professional activities related to:

  • financial activities (financial leasing, operations in financial markets, investment in securities, financial market management, financial advice, etc.);
  • credit and settlement operations between subjects of foreign economic activity and foreign subjects of economic activity;
  • wholesale and retail trade;
  • joint business activities;
  • management of enterprises;
  • project analysis and business planning;
  • economic calculations and forecasting;
  • audit and settlement and banking operations;
  • market research and analysis;
  • property valuation, taxation and insurance;
  • provision of services to foreign business entities.

Entrepreneurs are the founders of their own business in any type of economic activity.


Training in the specialty begins with the 1st year of study. Theoretical and practical training is based on the competencies of the standard of higher education, modern development of science and technology and the competencies of partner companies of the department.

Ensuring a quality practical component of the educational process is due to close cooperation of the Department of Entrepreneurship, Trade and Stock Exchange with leading institutions, organizations in the field of entrepreneurship, which are partners of the department, dictate the content of training and act as potential employers for graduates.

The partners of the department have clearly formed the competencies that the student must acquire as a result of training, which are the basis for the formation of a competency-based approach to training and are taken into account when making plans, and further study of educational components.

Providing modern theoretical knowledge, practical skills and abilities for successful business, opening and running their own business in modern market relations, trading, trade activities, our students are provided by teaching disciplines at a highly professional level of teaching staff of the Department of Entrepreneurship, Trade and Stock Exchange.

The training laboratory "Online Business Laboratory" has been established at the Department of Entrepreneurship, Trade and Stock Exchange to conduct practical classes. Due to the availability of specialized software 1C: Enterprise 8, BAS ERP, M.E.Doc, students in practice develop: development of business projects of innovative ideas, diagnose the results of financial and economic activities of economic entities, the organization of their own work and team work, acceptance effective business decisions in domestic and foreign markets, application in practice of legal regulation and forms of interaction of subjects of market relations, develop skills of systematization of document circulation and work out schemes of orders and purchases of products and services.

It should be noted that more than 50% of classes are practical, ie our graduate is able to perform the tasks and responsibilities assigned to him immediately after graduation. In addition, in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students have the opportunity to do internships in partner companies of the department, proving themselves as a highly qualified specialist and getting their first job.


Improving and finding new solutions for training specialists in the educational program in the specialty 076 "Entrepreneurship, Trade and Stock Exchange", in accordance with the requirements of the labor market, at the State University of Telecommunications helps students master modern programs and applications with the possibility of their certification. skills in conducting business, trade and stock exchange.

Thus, today the practical component is provided by providing opportunities to obtain certificates confirming the practical use of specialized software 1C: Enterprise 8, M.E.Doc and BAS ERP.

Cooperation with international companies allows students studying in senior courses of specialty 076 "Entrepreneurship, Trade and Stock Exchange" during their studies to undergo internships abroad with the possibility of further employment in these companies after graduation, and also allows you to master international exchange platforms and carry out trading operations on international exchanges.

Study innovatively, gain knowledge and skills that will form you competent, progressive, modern and in demand in the labor market, and even better those that will actually provide jobs, because our specialty will form you ready to act and create, manage and start your own business!

Conditions for admission of foreigners to the specialty:

For the admission to the specialty 076 "Entrepreneurship, Trade and Stock Exchange" the following documents must be submitted:

  1. an Application Form
  2. Certaficate about recognition of education documents*
  3. original and copy of the Document about the previous education with received points on academic disciplines
  4. a copy of national Passport
  5. a copy of Birth Certificate
  6. Medical Certificate on a state of health, certified by an official health protection authority of the country from which the foreigner arrived. This document must be issued not earlier than two months before the departure of the foreigner to Ukraine
  7. a Certificate confirming the absence of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection
  8. 12 photos, size 3.5 x 4.5 sm.

*Order by Ministry of education and science of Ukraine №1541 from 01.11.2013 part 1, paragraph 16 "Some issues of recruiting and training foreigners and stateless persons"

"Education documents of enrolled for studying foreigners, issued by educational institutions of other states, follow the recognition procedure in Ukraine in accordance with the law.

This requirement does not liable on foreigners, studying on academic mobility and internship, which do not provide for the appropriate qualifications/ scientific degrees.

According to the results of recognition procedure educational institution takes a decision to continue study by foreigner from level, what meet the results of recognition procedure, or to expel the foreigners.

In the case of taking a decision by Ministry of education and science or higher education institution about refusal to recognize the document about the acquired educational level, including due to its uncertainty, education institution expelling these foreigners".

Documents marked in paragraphs 2-4 shall be: certified under the laws of country of their issuance and legalized in the Ukrainian Embassy in the country from which the alien came or the legalization; translated into foreign languages ​​with a notarized translation.

A foreigner is provided by an insurance policy about the rendering of Emergency Medical Care.


If you have any questions regarding admission to the specialty 076 "Entrepreneurship, Trade and Stock Exchange", as well as training, please contact us, we will be happy to provide answers and clarifications.

Department of Entrepreneurship, Trade and

Stock Exchange

Head of the Department - Oksana Havrysh,
tel. +38 095-815-54-68

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