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Department of Economics

We invite you to study in the specialty 051 "Economics"
(bachelor's and master's level)

The main feature of the bachelor's program in economics at the State University of Telecommunications is the formation of future specialists' skills in managing the most profitable and promising companies today on the basis of clear economic justifications. Such companies are the driving force of the digital economy in our country. That is why only in the specialty "Economics" our students learn the best practices in the field of management, marketing, financial and economic diagnostics, justification of economic decisions in business, business development and more.

The unique competence of specialists in economics of our University is the fundamental economic training and professional mastery of modern software products for integrated enterprise management, economic diagnostics and business planning. In addition, such specialists are able to clearly set tasks for IT professionals to develop and adapt an application software product (Project-expert, 1C, BAS ERP,) to the competitive and economic specifics of the enterprise in any field.

The undeniable advantage of education in the specialty "Economics" is its UNIVERSALITY. Our graduate is a business analyst who not only helps to make the right decision when a problem situation arises, but also knows how to anticipate and prevent this situation.


Only in our University the bachelor's program in Economics includes a balanced study of such relevant areas as:

  1. The study of motivational and psychological subtleties of personnel management in achieving the main goals of enterprises.
  2. Understanding the dynamics of world economic processes and their impact on the economy of Ukraine and the personal well-being of each citizen in particular.
  3. Awareness of key aspects of international business management and development of skills of free communication in a professional foreign language.
  4. Mastering the best software products for business planning and company management (for students to choose from more than 15 licensed programs)

Our students are well versed in using the most effective tools to combat manipulative technologies. Only economists in their thinking demonstrate the unity of iron logic with creativity!

The department pays great attention to the study of foreign languages. From the first year students study English three times a week, and from the 3rd year 20% of professional disciplines are taught in English.


Upon completion of training, graduates of the department can hold the following positions in partner companies:

  • Director of Economics
  • Deputy Digital Director for Economics
  • Economic adviser
  • Business analyst
  • Financial and economic security analyst
  • Financial markets analyst
  • Planning economist
  • Economist-logistician
  • Head of the Department of Foreign Economic Relations and International Trade
  • Economist-marketer
  • Economist of the financial and credit department
  • HR manager
  • Head of IT and Digital Products Sales
  • Director of Partnership Development

Such specialists today are on the rowing waves of the Digital Economy of Ukraine and the world, and therefore are in high demand and highly paid.

This list of positions in which an economist with a diploma of SUT can find himself is not exhaustive! Any aspect of business can give the economist the opportunity to unleash their full potential!

To train highly professional Economics specialists in demand in the labor market, the University implements a unique system of training in innovative content.

Training in the specialty "Economics" begins not with the third, but with the first year.

Disciplines are taught for all specialties: in the 1st year - "Application of information and telecommunications", "Group dynamics and communications", in the 2nd year - "Business Communications", in the 4th year - "Principles of starting your own business", "Cloud technologies", "Artificial Intelligence".

At least half of the classes are held in practice. Their content fully meets the requirements. of employers.

The Department of Economics provides constant updating of the educational material base with the most modern means and equipment. Currently, in the classroom № 418 there is a laboratory "Laboratory of digitalization of business processes and socio-economic diagnostics", which is a testing ground for professional skills.

Partner companies of the Department of Economics (Miratech Corporation, Audit Service Audit Group LLC, International Center for Non-Formal Education, Direct TV Channel LLC, Profit Accounting Company LLC) are active participants in the educational process. after all, thanks to them, the professional requirements for our graduates are clearly understood. In addition, they provide an opportunity for our students to "hone" their knowledge and skills directly in professional fields. The obligatory clause in the Agreements on cooperation between the department and the partner companies is the clause on the certification of our students.

Features of the introductory campaign for the specialty "Economics" in 2021 are listed on the website of the department at the link

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