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Department of Documentation and Information Activity

Specialty 029 Information, library and archival business

Information activities have accompanied mankind since ancient times. It is closely connected with all spheres of human activity. Therefore, the Department of Documentation and Information Activity was established at the State University of Telecommunications in 2014. Within the extended specialty 029 Information, Library and Archival Affairs, the educational programs (specializations) that our students study today are licensed and accredited, unique in their relevance and competitiveness in the modern labor market, and their number grows every year, which means that together we have correctly defined our priorities!

Within the specialty of the department Documentation and information activities provides training for the first (bachelor's) and second (master's) levels of higher education by innovative educational programs: BACHELOR'S DEGREE: educational program "DOCUMENTARY SCIENCE AND INFORMATION ACTIVITY"

The University provides modern practical training for specialists in document science and information activities with the qualification: manager in the field of information, document specialist.

The educational characteristics of the training of bachelors in document science and information activities imply that the future specialist is able

  • substantiate the main trends in the development of documentation and information processes of management infrastructure;
  • to organize systems of office work and document circulation both at the subject-content, and at technological level;
  • perform special functions related to the development and implementation of documentation processes;
  • carry out the processes of information and analytical work by means of computer technologies and Internet services;
  • fluent in oral and written Ukrainian, as well as foreign (English, Polish) languages.

Certified specialists hold interesting high-paying positions:

  • specialist of information, analytical, archival, administrative, personnel departments;
  • specialist of the office work service of organizations, institutions, firms of different profile;
  • referent-translator;
  • corrector;
  • copywriter with knowledge of a foreign language;
  • literary editor;
  • patent examiner;
  • corporate secretary.


The University provides modern practical training of specialists in information analytics and public relations with the qualification: consolidated information analyst, public relations manager.

In practice, our graduates can perform the following types of work:

  • participate in the organization of PR campaigns; • carry out information and analytical activities;
  • provide information and consulting services;
  • determine the conceptual basis for the development of information and analytical activities or public relations at the enterprise;
  • work on the optimization of information technology;
  • provide information and computer support for information and analytical activities or public relations;

Specialists specializing in "Information Analytics and Public Relations" hold the following positions:

  • information analyst;
  • the press secretary of a public, political, commercial or state institution;
  • speechwriter;
  • manager (manager) in the field of information provision;
  • public relations and press specialist;
  • expert on socio-political issues;


Applicants for the master's program will obtain the educational qualification "Master of Information, Library and Archival Affairs", professional qualification 2433.2 "Professionals in the field of information and information analytics, teachers of higher education institutions".

Graduates hold the following positions:

  • Head of Advertising and Public Relations;
  • Advertising manager (manager);
  • Specialist in information and analytical activities;
  • Head (head) of the secretariat;
  • Head of the press service department;
  • Manager (manager) in the field of information provision;
  • Manager for interaction with central authorities (GR-manager);
  • Director of the Communications Department;
  • Head of Human Resources;
  • Public relations manager.


Educational programs: "Documentation and information activities", "Information Analytics and Public Relations", "Management of information and communication activities" in specialty 029 Information, library and archival affairs consistent with international standards and requirements. Bachelor's and master's degrees are recognized abroad.

An innovative approach to teaching disciplines will provide you with strong knowledge, practical skills to feel like a professional in your field.

Practical training of students begins in the first year. Unlike other institutions, only in our country, in addition to teachers, practitioners are actively involved in the educational process, which contributes to the formation of the necessary professional skills.

The department has a powerful material and technical base - the latest generation of computer equipment, an interactive whiteboard, a multimedia projector - which has no analogues in any university in Ukraine. This is evidenced by the Grand Prix in the category "Innovative development of educational and laboratory facilities", which the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the President of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine awarded the department in 2019.

Contact Information State University of Telecommunications Ukraine, 03680, Kyiv, street Solomianska, 7, office 519 phone: (044) 249-25-47 Email:

Head of the Department of Documentation and Information Activity,

Cand. philos. Sciences, Assoc. Svetlana Mikhailovna Petkun

tel. +38 (044) 249-25-48, +38 (066) 668-50-23


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