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Department of Sociology




Sociology is the best specialty for creative and ambitious young people who keep up with the times.

A sociologist is a specialist who is in demand in any field, in any organization or in any enterprise.

The Department of Sociology offers a range of educational services in accordance with the standards of higher education in Ukraine in the field of knowledge 05 «Social and Behavioral Sciences», in particular provides training in specialty 054 «Sociology» at two educational levels: «Bachelor», «Master» and «Doctor of Philosophy», able to develop, organize and conduct sociological research, social projects and information companies in business in a dynamic competitive environment.

The sociologist occupies a TOP position in the ranking of the most popular professions with high wages

Upon completion of training, graduates can hold the following positions:

  • Analyst of the statistical department;
  • Teacher of sociology;
  • Sociologist-analyst;
  • Sociologist-researcher;
  • Sociologist-psychologist;
  • Media planning specialist;
  • Personnel development specialist;
  • Organizer of election campaigns;
  • Organizer of mass events;
  • Coach;
  • HR - manager;
  • PR – manager


Public administration and local self-government


  • Formation of public opinion.
  • Provision of consulting services of social and behavioral nature.
  • Public relations.
  • Social security and social assistance.
  • Communication.
  • Public relations.
  • Participation in the negotiation process.
  • Monitoring of the social sphere.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • Development of customer engagement strategies.
  • Sociometry.



  • Support of election campaigns.
  • Conducting exit polls.
  • Strategic analytics.
  • Formation of electoral thought.
  • Research of electoral behavior.
  • Creating political advertising.
  • Recruitment.
  • Personnel management.
  • Forming the image of the campaign.
  • Diagnosis of the socio-psychological climate in the team.
  • Formation of corporate culture.


In Ukraine, on average, up to 1,000 sociological surveys are conducted per year, so in the labor market, qualified specialists - sociologists are in demand in almost all areas - from research and teaching to civil service, marketing and advertising.

Today, a professional sociologist is in demand almost everywhere - from research and teaching to civil service, marketing and advertising. Because the representatives of this specialty work with huge arrays of data that allow to assess the state of society and understand what it wants, in which direction it can go and what position to take. A sociologist-intellectual can go through a chain - from national interests to what worries a particular person, at a particular time and in a particular city. This profession is a model of social decipherment, because real experts are able to distinguish from a continuous series of numbers and clearly articulate the «message» that came from ordinary people to those who are trying to decide their fate.



S.I.O.N.A.S. Training Center, founded in 2005

It is an innovative platform for training, practice, information exchange, mentoring with modern approaches to learning. Since the establishment of the center, its experts have conducted more than 2,000 trainings and workshops, developed unique author's training programs. The center's experts are co-authors of a bill to prevent mobbing and bullying. The author's course "Fundraising and Grant Manager" was initiated and developed by S.I.O.N.A.S.


International Center for Non-Formal Education, founded in 2015

A public organization that promotes and develops non-formal education to reveal and enhance the emotional, physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potential of Ukrainians. Priority areas of work are training for students and teachers of non-formal education, development of online platforms, expert training in the work of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to form a regulatory framework for non-formal and adult education.


The Department of Sociology cooperates with partner companies in the following promising areas:

  • Adaptation of software for sociological research.
  • Strategic consulting on social game architecture.
  • Conducting sociological research;
  • Organization of symposia, international conferences, round tables and webinars;
  • Organization and creation of research base;
  • Conducting practice;
  • Employment of graduates.

Teachers of the department and students of specialty 054 «Sociology» after training and training courses receive certificates of the established sample.




The training program for students of educational levels «Bachelor» and «Master» specialty 054 «Sociology» takes into account the professional competencies identified by our partners, which are necessary for trouble-free employment and professional growth.

The purpose of the department is to train specialists in sociology who have modern sociological thinking, theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to solve complex problems and practical problems of sociology.

The content of training consists of: social relations and interaction; personality, social groups and communities; social phenomena and processes; social practices; social institutions; culture; social structures and inequalities; social changes and influences; social problems and conflicts in society, both at the national and global levels.

Our students:

  • master modern programming languages and IT services in the laboratories of Cisco, Huawei, HP, IBM, Nokia, Pearson VUE, Miratech and receive international certificates of knowledge of OSA and SPSS programs;
  • undergo internships and internships at leading companies «International Center for Non-Formal Education» and «S.I.O.N.A.S.»
  • participate in international projects.



for 1-2 year - for sociology students are taught 3 pairs of classes per week,

for 3-4 courses - for sociology students 2 pairs of classes per week are taught,

20% of academic curricula are taught in English.



Klymenko Olena Yuriyivna - Head of the Department of Sociology, Doctor of Sociological Sciences, Professor.

Education: historian, history teacher, Donetsk National University (2001).

Scientific degree: Doctor of Sociological Sciences (2016), dissertation «Features of institutionalization of social protection of children in crisis situations in modern Ukrainian society» in the specialty 22.00.04 - special and branch sociology.

Academic title: Professor (2021) received at the Department of Business Economics and Social Technologies.


Yatchenko Volodymyr Feodosiiovych - Doctor of Philosophy, Professor.

Education: philosopher, doctor of philosophical sciences, teacher of philosophy and social sciences, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (1972).

Scientific degree: Doctor of Philosophy (2003), dissertation «Metaphysical dimensions of Ukrainian pre-Christian mythology» in the specialty 09.00.04 - philosophical anthropology, philosophy of culture.

Academic title: Professor (2006) received at the Department of Political Science and Sociology.


Gorpynych Olga Valeriyivna - Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor.

Education: physicist, teacher of physics, Zaporizhia State University (1992);

sociologist, Zaporizhia State University (1995).

Scientific degree: Candidate of Philosophical Sciences (2005), dissertation «Social work as a factor in the formation of civil society», specialty 09.00.03 - social philosophy and history of philosophy.

Academic title: Associate Professor (2012) received at the Department of Sociology and Social Management.


Moskalenko Larysa Mykolayivna - Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department.

Education: historian, history teacher, Dragomanov National Pedagogical University. (1998).

Scientific degree: Candidate of Philosophical Sciences (2012), dissertation «The phenomenon of religious leadership based on Jewish traditions» in the specialty 09.00.11 - Religious Studies.


Bazova Iryna Vadymivna - Master of Psychology, Senior Lecturer.

Education: practical psychologist, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (2019);

Economist, Donetsk State University (2000);

Mechanical engineer, Donetsk Polytechnic Institute (1985).



The rules of admission to the State University of Telecommunications in 2021 were developed by the Admissions Committee of the State University of Telecommunications in accordance with the Terms of Admission to Higher Education Institutions of Ukraine in 2021, approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.


Educational level «bachelor»

Full time - 4 years,

Part time - 5 years

Educational level «master»

Full time - 1.5 years.

Educational and scientific level at the level of Doctor of Philosophy

Full time - 4 years.


ADMISSION to the educational level «BACHELOR»

for the 1st year is carried out on the basis of the certificate and certificates of external evaluation.

for 2-3 courses is carried out on the basis of a diploma of a junior specialist and a professional exam in sociology.

ADMISSION to the educational level «MASTER» requires a bachelor's degree and

carried out on the basis of certificates of external examination in English and professional exam in sociology.



Submission of applications only in electronic form.

In 2021, entrants on the basis of full general secondary education in full-time and part-time forms of education will apply only in electronic form.

The total number of applications is 5.

According to the approved Terms of Admission, applicants will be able to submit up to 5 applications for state and regional orders.

Submission of contract applications not more than 30.

External Evaluation Certificates 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 are accepted, except grades in English, French, German and Spanish.

The minimum number of points for admission to the competition must be at least 100 points in each subject.

More about the Rules of Admission in 2021 on the page.



Ukrainian language and literature

By state order/

At the expense of individuals or legal entities

First subject


By state order

Second subject

History of Ukraine

At the expense of individuals or legal entities

History of Ukraine, or foreign language, or biology, or geography, or physics, or chemistry

By state order, at the expense of individuals or legal entities

Third subject

Mathematics, or foreign language, or biology, or geography, or physics, or chemistry

At the expense of individuals or legal entities



Educational level «BACHELOR»

Form of study

Full time

Part time


30 persons

The cost of training

28000 UAH per year


Educational level «MASTER»

Form of study

Full time

Part time


30 persons

The cost of training

3200 UAH per year


If you are smart, sociable, smart and creative - we will develop your creative qualities and teach many interesting and important things for further self-realization in life

To succeed in sociology, it is necessary not only to have such inner qualities as curiosity, awareness, ingenuity, sociability, but to make a lot of effort and have a great desire to learn. To become successful in the field of sociology is enough just the desire to gain new knowledge, to express themselves in something new, not to stop in intellectual development. The staff of the Department of Sociology of the State University of Telecommunications will help you to gain knowledge in the specialty, to develop professional skills, to be able to use the opportunity of self-development and self-improvement, to strengthen the existing qualities of character.



Address of the department:

Kyiv, Solomyanska str, bld. 7, room 509.

Phones for inquiries:

+38 (050) 879-11-40, +38 (044) -249-25-16.

Head of the Department of Sociology Elena Klymenko

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