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Scientific work

Management and Entrepreneurship ESI Science is an integral part of educational activities and is origimated to integrate scientific, educational and industrial activity, is ensured through participation of teaching staff in scientific research, organization of scientific, methodological seminars, conferences, competition, research, training of scientific, pedagogical staff. Profile of the department Institute conducted and planned research and development system and specific issues of social development is taken into account advanced world experience that promotes the development of the most appropriate organizational and innovative solutions.

Research work in ESI management and entrepreneurship is aimed at fundamental and applied research in the educational process of implementation of research results and creation of modern educational technologies, providing system connectors in the study of subjects of different educational levels.

The Institute established schools of fundamental political and social research, headed by scientists, including 8 doctors and 20 PhDs.

Head of the department of innovation management, Doctor of Economics, Professor Helen E. Hutz. Scientific base, or more than 225 research papers proving the scope of creative interests and academic achievements and finds wide anoledgment and application in practice. These scientific developments are used by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine, and State Commission for Regulation of Financial Services of Ukraine, National Bank Ukraine, League of insurance Organizations of Ukraine, the National Association of Credit Unions of Ukraine.

Head of the Department of Management and Business Modeling is PhD, professor Vitaliy N. Tupkalo. The field of research and professional interests: methodology of process management companies, management consulting and coaching in organizational systems. The Certified Management Analyst (certificate GOPA Consult, Germany), he had training in enterprise restructuring program by John. Soros and TACIS in Poland, Germany and France.

Professor of Management and Business Modeling, Doctor of Economics Elena Vinogradova. The research activities - the problem of sectoral development and business in Ukraine. More than 300 scientific and methodical works, seven textbooks, including four labeled with MES of Ukraine, 13 monographs.

Associate Professor of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Law, Doctor of Economics Olga Guseva. Research Interests - management of strategic change in enterprises; imperatives of strategic management in terms of turbo environment; enterprise management potential in terms of globalization irregularities. The author of over 100 publications in the field of strategic management changes and economy enterprises, including two textbooks stamped MES of Ukraine, 4 books.

Associate Professor of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Law, Doctor of Economics Hlivna Irina Viktorivna. The sphere of scientific interests - the formation and use of financial resources, the formation of labor potential of enterprises in Ukraine: theory, methodology, practice. He has more than 70 publications, including 48 articles in professional journals and foreign editions. He is the author of many scientific publications, including a manual labeled with MES, a monograph.

Head of the Department of Sociology and Humanities, Ph.D., Professor Alexander P. Polysayev. Research Interests - transhistoric involvement of the formation of social character in the information society. Author of several books and over 100 publications on these issues. Particular attention is paid to the theoretical analysis of contemporary issues of spiritual formation of Ukrainian political nation, looking for objective trends of the state, which directly affect the mythological constructs Ukrainian society and as a formative factors of development of the state as the negative effects on the spiritual life of society.

Professor of Sociology and Humanities, Doctor of Sociology Vladimir E. Schedyakov. Research interests - problems of the theory and practice of industrial relations, human factor of production process, management and problems of modernization and the formation of elites, information influence. He is the author of about 300 scientific publications in Ukraine and abroad (Australia, Ireland, Italy, China, USA, Japan), including 20 monographs.

The main purpose of science, research and innovation are gaining scientific knowledge through research and development and their focusing on the creation and implementation of new competitive technologies to provide innovative social development, training of new type.

The main areas of research are:

  • problems of management of industrial and economic activities of enterprises and organizations in the industry infocommunications;
  • principles and methods of business management;
  • socio-economic aspects of business development and entrepreneurship;
  • sociological research to improve management decisions in enterprises;
  • social change of Ukrainian society as an ethical and aesthetic problem;
  • impact of modern information technologies in formation on the moral world a person;
  • role of sociological research on optimization of plant personnel;
  • problems controlling, monitoring and diagnostics of enterprises;
  • forecasting prospects for technological renovation of enterprises with the general trends of research and innovative development.
  • marketing and logistics activities of the company;
  • investment and innovation activities of the company;
  • costs and financial results of the company. Cost of products.

Primary school of academic future professional growth is growing up in scientific work. Therefore, the ESI Management and Entrepreneurship has created the scientific community of students and graduate students, and working student scientific groups from different areas of science.

Working groups of a high scientific level:

  1. "Ways to improve marketing in Ukrainian enterprises";
  2. "Decision support systems under conditions of fuzzy input of information";
  3. "Problems of introduction of modern methods of management in the activity of Ukrainian enterprises";
  4. "Urgent problems of economy of Ukraine";
  5. "Philosophy and youth";
  6. "Visually-analytical and socio-symbolic dimensions of intercultural communication: Applied Aspects";
  7. "Sociology of modern information society"

 Undergraduate students are involved in the implementation of the advanced topics of departments during the execution of the master's work, communicate with scientists familiar with modern science fields, and various conferences, competitions, both at the university and outside this creative work summarize. Scientific work of students is estimated at a high level at national and regional student research and creative competitions each year.


in Science Student Association Education and Research Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship

1. Items

1.1. Scientific and research work of students and graduate students is an important and effective means of training and education specialists of high standard, for them to creatively use the achievements in the practice of advances in science and technological progress. It is designed to encourage active creative work of students in learning and mastering their specialty, identify the most gifted among them and to create conditions for their creative growth.

1.2. The Science Student Association (SSA) of the Research Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (EAIME SSA) of the State University of Telecommunications - is voluntary, amateur organization that consists of a number of students EAIME involved in scientific and research work of the Institute and successfully combine it with studying.

1.3. SSA EAIME is created on the principle of individual membership on the basis of applications of students, it works as the student government and interacts with the deans, University departments and with the Council of EAIME.

1.4. In its work, SSA is governed by the laws of Ukraine, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the State University of Telecommunications Charter and this Regulation.

1.5. SSA can be EAIME logo and simple approved by management of the Research Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship.

1.6. The supreme governing body is the Conference SSA SSA members of which are chosen by the Council and the head of SSA. Between conferences, the guidance of SSA work is carried out by the EAIME SSA Council.

1.7. The main objectives of SSA are:

Assist departments to attract students to actively participate in scientific work;

Stimulating of students in scientific clubs EAIME departments;

Promoting Excellence Research work of students;

Assist in organizing and holding departmental, university and research institute events: quizzes, competitions, round tables, scientific seminars, discussions, competitions, conferences etc.

Maintaining institutional relations with the All-Ukrainian Council of research students;

Establishing broad ligament NTS EAIME of scientific societies of students in higher institutions of Ukraine and foreign amateur and youth organizations;

Attracting students to participate in nationwide, international, city and home-conference contests, scientific seminars and competitions for the best scientific work;

Cooperation with the Masters and postgraduate courses of the State University of Telecommunications through EAIME profile of the department by providing material on current topics of research that can be used when writing theses and master's works;

The search for new forms of research, development proposals for their improvement;

Participation in the career guidance activities (lectures, seminars, round tables, etc.) to promote EAIME in secondary schools;

The establishment and development of contacts with leading educational and research centers, public and charitable organizations and soon.

2. Structure and function of scientific Student Association EAIME

2.1. Management of the Authority that the period between reporting conferences SSA is EAIME Council, whose members shall be elected for one year.

2.2. President of the SSA EAIME for offers to elect candidates deputy chairman at any organizational meeting secretary, head of the (institutional sector, sector information Sector External Relations). The Board of SSA EAIME the rights of its members are elders of scientific groups and of foreign Departments responsible for courses for scientific activities. Monitors of scientific groups of the Institute departments make up the Council of SSA EAIME on the rights of its members.

2.3. Any student who successfully performs in the curriculum and actively involved in research work NNIMP, the State University of Telecommunications and universities in Ukraine can be an SSA NNIMP member.

2.4. Functions of the Council of Scientific Student Association EAIME:

2.4.1. Provide organizational management of the scientific community through the officials and monitors of courses of scientific groups;

2.4.2. Provides assistance to the departments EAIME regarding scientific work of students;

2.4.3. Provides information of SSA, SSA members highlighting achievements;

2.4.4. Engages students to attend scientific events, contests, round tables, seminars, discussions, competitions, conferences and competitions to participate in their organization;

2.4.5. Provides representative and organizational contacts with student organizations of other universities, leading educational and research centers, public and charity organizations;

2.4.6. Annually submits proposals to encourage to the headquarters of the University the most active members of SSA;

2.4.7. Provides recording and storing of digital and audiovisual information on the activities of SSA.

2.5. President of the SSA:

2.5.1. Undrtakes to: Organize the work of SSA; Provides organizational supervision of SSA activities, runs the work of the Council of SSA; Reports on the work of SSA at the plenary session of the annual conference of chief scientific Final Student Association EAIME; Submits offers to the Headquarters of Institute to encourage the most active members of the SSA; Plans the work of SSA EAIME in cooperation with management EAIME.

2.5.2. He has the right to: Represent the Council at meetings SSA EAIME Academic Council, the Council of Science SUT before final scientific conference of university SUT; Apply to the management of NNIMP on the students, members of SSA.

2.6. Secretary of SSA:

2.6.1. Responsibilities: To organize meetings of SSA. Make records of meetings of the scientific community; Keep records of SSA EAIME; Prepare necessary documentation for the proper organization of the NTA.

2.6.2. He has the right to: Gets from the materials necessary for the proper accounting of SSA Chairman of the Board and Vice-Presidents of sectors;

2.7. Organizational branch of SSA:

2.7.1. Prepares proposals on who can be responsible for research activities in courses;

2.7.2. Provides organizational support for all areas of SSA EAIME;

2.7.3. Organizes activities to attract students to work in scientific groups of EAIME departments;

2.7.4. Organizes student participation in academic events of Universities of Ukraine, the State University of Telecommunications, EAIME ;

2.7.5. Provides organizational support EAIME departments in carrying out scientific activities in NNIMP.

2.8. Provides Sector information of SSA

2.8.1. Prepares information and announcements on a variety of research activities at the University EAIME and Ukraine;

2.8.2. Prepares information and photo stands to highlight EAIME of SSA;

2.8.3. Prepares and publishes information materials to perform scientific activities at the NNIMP to promote scientific work of EAIME SSA;

2.8.4. Provides information for EAIME students to carry out research activities in the State University of Telecommunications;

2.8.5 Provides recordiny and storage of digital audiovisual information on the activities of SSA;

2.8.6. Provides information of SSA, SSA members highlighting achievements through the media.

2.9. EAIME of SSA Foreign Relations Council Sector:

2.9.1. Establishes and maintains relationships with amateur organizations of students of other universities, leading educational and research centers, public and charitable organizations;

2.9.2. Organizes informating and participation of students of EAIME in international events;

2.9.3. Studies and summarizes positive experience of student’s research of other universities of Ukraine;

2.9.4. Cooperates with State University of Telecommunications graduate and graduate through NNIMP profile of the department by providing material on current topics of research that can be used when writing dissertations and master's works.

3. Logistical support for the Council of SSA

3.1. Logistical support SSA EAIME is a prerequisite for its quality performance.

3.2. Logistical suport for SSA EAIME is carried out in accordance with the Regulation on research the State University of Telecommunications.

4. The procedure for amending the Regulation on SSA EAIME 

4.1. Amendments into the Regulation are on the proposals made by chairman of the SSA and approved by order of Rector of State University of Telecommunications.

Ministry of Education UKRAINE

State University of Telecommunications



"______" _____________ 2014                     m. Kyiv                   number ______


On approval of the

Scientific Student Association of research institute of management and Entrepreneurship

According to the Law of Ukraine "On scientific and technical activity" aiming at the scientific activities of the research education institute of management and entrepreneurship of the State University of Telecommunications


1. The Regulations on Scientific Student Association of the Research Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship.

2. Announce the order according to affiliation.

3. Entrust Valchuk T.L. Deputy Director EAIME  the task of Control the execution of the order


Director                                                                   V.M. Dziubа


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