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State University of Telecommunications

top university of the highest IV level of accreditation

invites to train bachelor program:

"Enterprise, Trade and exchange activity"

Students who are enrolled in this specialty, are the fundamental economic and financial training, able to develop and implement an effective strategy entrepreneurship, possess modern software products in business planning and accounting and know perfectly modern trading tools and technology exchange business.

Special attention is devoted to foreign languages, especially of professional subjects taught in English.

In addition, the program provides a thorough study of the legislative and legal aspects of business and exchange activities.

Lectures on subjects read professional doctors, professors and university lecturers who repeatedly were trained overseas and have practical experience in the workplace.

Since the State University of Telecommunications is one of 48 universities in the world, with membership of the Union, for the students during the training provided overseas training and internships at well-known domestic and foreign enterprises.

Graduates of the program receive a diploma "bachelor of business, trade and exchange business" and certificates business courses from University of partner companies.

The learning process is built on a unique curriculum that takes into account the experience of foreign universities and requirements employers.

The key subjects of training are:

  • organization of business activities,
  • psychology of entrepreneurship and business,
  • entrepreneurship and finance in IT-sector,
  • business planning at the enterprise,
  • simulation value of the company,
  • capital management and fundraising,
  • securities trading,
  • management of stock exchanges,
  • international trade,
  • economics of commercial enterprise,
  • technology trade communication,
  • tax and labor law,
  • management of strategic changes,
  • social responsibility,
  • economic security,
  • modern technology sales.

Department of Enterprise, Trade and exchange activities best efforts to the teaching conducted at the highest level of educational excellence and meet the most urgent challenges of our time,

and students:

  • perfectly know the trends of modern business and exchange business, strategic thought and asked their own standards in business;
  • understood all the intricacies and trends of the modern economy and had the best economic and financial training;
  • could develop a unique business plan using popular software packages (Project-Expert, 1C);
  • solved the problem of investment and exchange business like real financial analysts;
  • perfectly oriented towards changes and opportunities in modern legal framework;
  • received income from such business ideas that really are useful and promising.

Graduates can work in senior positions enterprises, economists, financiers, brokers, stock analysts.

Today State University of telecommunications is the only institution in Kiev, has an authorized test center Pearson VUE (Virtual University Enterprises) – a leader in the global market distance learning and educational services.

Students of our University have the opportunity, without resorting to commercial testing centers to obtain a certificate attesting to the knowledge and practical skills in officially recognized testing programs of dozens of global companies providing consulting, financial and legal services.

In addition of primary goal – testing of knowledge and competences, this certification program gives you the opportunity to understand what skills and abilities today requires a global labor market, to the completion of his studies at the State University of telecommunications students have been in demand as experts in their field, on the ukrainian and world companies.

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Don't you know why people choose State University of Telecommunications?

Its easy - here is 15 reasons:

  • State University of Telecommunications - only the relevant institution of higher education in the field of telecommunications, information technology and IT
  • Free Academy CCNA courses «CISCO»
  • Provides training for reserve officers
  • The University has a certified Ukraine Academy of Hewlett-Packard
  • The University is in the top 150 universities in Ukraine (according
  • The highest salaries are graduates of our University - workers in the sphere of information technologies
  • International diploma
  • Developed and effective student government
  • University laboratories equipped with equipment Alcatel-Lucent, where students gain practical skills
  • Multi-colored and rich student life
  • Provides training professionals most promising areas of IT technologies telecommunications, data protection, management and entrepreneurship
  • High levels of personnel and material support
  • The ability to study part-time and distance learning
  • The ability to simultaneously acquire two degrees from the University
  • Providing students with hostels

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