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Department of Software Engineering

The Department of Software Engineering teaches students in the specialty 121-Software Engineering.

The relevance of 121 - Software engineering is ensured by the prospects and prestige of the future profession, as it trains programmers!

Currently, programmers are in the highest demand in the IT job market as software developers for computer systems and telecommunication networks. They hold the following high-paying positions:

  • Developer/Programmer.
  • Web Developer/Coder.
  • QA Specialist.
  • Database Developer.
  • Project Manager.
  • Project Architects & Engineers.
  • Game Developer.

The department has cooperation agreements with international companies Epam, CyberBionic Systematics, GlobalLogic, Infopulse, SoftServe, which take leading positions in the IT market and act as potential employers for our graduates.

Based on the standards of higher education and the innovative content in education, the Department of Software Engineering offers unique opportunities to each student:

The specialized part of the education starts in the first year of studies (not the third).

During the first year, students of all specialties learn “Application of Information and Telecommunication Means”, the purpose of which is to teach students how to configure and operate modern electronic devices and gadgets, while taking full advantage of modern IT during university studies and in everyday life.

The following subjects are compulsory for all specialties: 1st year – “Group Dynamics and Communications”; 2nd year – “Business Communications”; 4th year – “Principles of Starting Your Own Business”, “Cloud Technologies”, “Artificial Intelligence”. These subjects aim at developing teamwork abilities, teaching how to start and run a business, give an understanding of future development prospects in IT, all of which allow our students to keep up with life and meet contemporary demands of the society.

In order to master principal knowledge and skills necessary for a programmer to develop and support software, students learn 7 modern programming languages (C ++, C #, Java, Python, JS, HTML, CSS), which allow them to develop, test and support software for any field of activity, websites, mobile applications and games in the future.



With help of lectures and practice format implemented for most classes in the Department, students can learn theory both in-class and while doing homework. The practical skills are developed in laboratories and practical classes, which make 63% of the curriculum.

75% of the teaching staff at the Department have Doctoral and Candidate of Science degrees, while the other 25% are in the process of obtaining a degree. In order to provide relevant and up-to-date information as well as improve the level of practical knowledge and skills, we involve specialists from IT companies into the educational process!


To ensure the best education practices, the Department of Software Engineering is equipped with 4 laboratories with high-quality software of the latest generation.

For practical work, the laboratories are equipped with thin client PCs with Internet connection, enabling students to work with Office 365 cloud instruments; Multimedia system allowing them to engage in interactive practical sessions.

Each PC has the following installed: Ubuntu OS on Linux core, integrated environment for software development Intellij IDEA and Microsoft Visual Studio, text editors Sublime, Notepd++, Eclipse to learn the 7 programming languages С++, С#, Java, Python, JS, HTML, CSS, each of which takes its own place in IT development.

The use of training laboratories ensures full-spectrum practical studies in accordance with the competencies of partner companies of the Department.

  • Department works together and has cooperation agreements with the best IT companies, including Epam, GlobalLogic UkraineCyberBionicInfopulse, SoftServe, which also act as potential employers for our students. Due to this collaboration, our students can take part in real-life projects, study at training centers, conduct practical field work (during 2nd, 3rd and 4th years of study), meaning that starting from the second year, the Department offers each student a practical opportunity to immerse in the ІТ world and witness all the benefits of the future well-paid job!
  • the studies, each student has an opportunity to receive international certificates confirming their practical knowledge of Software Development and Programing Languages from our partner companies – CyberBionic and Cisco.


With these certificates, our students can get a well-paid job as a first employment, ensuring their independent financial future.



Since 1 September 2017, the State University of Telecommunications has been teaching MASTERS in Software Engineering. Following consultations with future employers and partners of the Department, we chose DevOps as the main field of study for the Masters, since today, it is not enough to have an expertise in only one field – more often one needs to have the knowledge of a few areas at once and know how to apply the acquired knowledge. This is how a new sphere immerged – at the intersection of a few areas, known today as DevOps.

DevOps is considered one of the youngest IT-spheres (created in 2009), but the demand for specialists in this area is constantly growing. This is driven by steady dynamics and flexibility of project-based work and the need to react quickly to the new demands of the market.

The DevOps course for Software Engineering Masters was developed in collaboration with EPAM company. The following sections are included:

  • Development of System administration skills (Linux, Windows); during studies, students will receive a certificate from Cisco, whose instructors form part of the teaching staff.
  • Formation of skills and knowledge of basic algorithms for interpreted languages (Python, Bush).
  • Development of practical work skills with DevOps instruments: Chef, Puppet, Ansible.
  • In-depth knowledge of Cloud service providers (Amazon, Microsoft Azure).

In summary, working in this field has several significant benefits. First, it is finding solutions for a wide spectrum of tasks. The specialists in the area have a profound knowledge of modern IT systems. Second, the result of their work is tangible in the context of real-life circle of a product or a service. And probably the main factor is finding solutions to complex tasks, which saves the work process turning into a routine.


Prices for training


There is only way to achieve success in the IT industry today — receive profound and systemic university knowledge and practical skills from IT companies.

Admissions board address: 7, Solomyanska Str., Kyiv,  Ukraine, 03110

Head of the Department – Associate Professor Olena Nehodenko, CSc
Department: tel. (044) 249-25-96, E-mail:

Phone: +38 (044) 249-25-91

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