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The Importance to Know English Idioms

18:00, 17-01-2023

There are several theories as for the origin of the idioms in English. Some of them are formed by means of slang phrases, the others come back from the pieces of literature, and the number of idioms are closely connected with the English traditions and customs. It is obviously known that the more peculiarities of the language a person obtains, the more colourful his speech is. Idioms are sure to make people's communication much brighter and more meaningful.

The structure of the idioms is rather complicated, as it does not follow traditional grammar rules. Let us consider some of idioms to clarify their origins and meanings.

Showstopper is not one who stops the show, it is said about some drawbacks while writing codes, that leads to delay rolling out a new  product. In this case the combination of two roots of the words has lead to the formation of IT terminology. Breadcrumbs are not about crumbs that are accidentally stuck in the keyboard after lunchtime, that word means the way of navigation of the site. The name of that originally comes from the fairy-tale about some children who made their way of throwing bread crumbs in order not to get lost in the forest.

The widely known topic of the weather in the English culture gives a great number of idioms based on the weather or phenomenon of the nature.To be under the weather is about a person who is not in a good mood feeling unwell. It is no wonder why Englishmen speak about weather if they want to break the ice. Of course, it is not about someone who is going to break the ice. It is said when people want to say something in order to make a complicated situation and atmosphere between speakers less tense.

To be on the red means not to be profitable and it goes from accounting where loss is marked by red colour while profit is marked by black one. Here Black Friday comes from.

To be as thick as thieves at the fair is said about friends who are always together.

Thus, the more interesting idioms you know, the more you are confident in what you are trying to express in English.


Prepared by Senior Teacher Olena Dontsova

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