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7 reasons why you should learn English

12:22, 28-02-2023

The role of the English language in the modern world is very large. Most recently, it was a foreign language for us, and today it is international. In all countries of the world, the study of English is given great importance. Almost everyone wants to learn it at least at the initial level. The times when it was possible to know only one language and be a successful person at the same time are long gone. Today, if you speak English, it means that you are a modern, advanced person, thinking, corresponding to the image of a modern successful person. Knowledge of English in the modern world is a kind of window into the world. Knowing this language of international communication, you will be able to achieve your goals with the help of new opportunities.

Increasing your chances in the labor market

If you want to find a prestigious and highly paid job, you must necessarily speak English. A little qualified specialist must know the language, at least at the conversational level. When applying for a job, when you fill out the questionnaire, did you pay attention to the column "Knowledge of foreign languages "? If not, in vain!!! Knowledge of a foreign language is already half the success!!!

The opportunity to travel without fear of being incomprehensible

At least once in your life you will have the opportunity to visit abroad. To make you feel confident among the local population, you need to know the language. So you can easily find your way, if you are lost, find out any information from the local population. Learning foreign languages is an opportunity to travel the world like a civilized person.

Work at the computer, on the Internet

Perfect knowledge of the computer is impossible without knowledge of the English language. It is in it that all the programs are located. Yes, and going to the Internet, to a foreign site, you can get much more useful information, understanding the language: you can analyze phenomena, events, different views on things. And online shopping on foreign sites? A decent motivation for learning a language is because shopping on these sites is profitable, not only in price, but also in the quality of the goods.

Expanding the circle of communication

At a time when the Internet is in almost every part of the world, we can communicate with whomever we want if both know the same language. If only for the sake of the opportunity to freely communicate and maintain relations with people from other countries, it makes sense to learn foreign languages.

The ability to watch movies and listen to music in the original

Think only how much you lose watching dubbed movies, reading books in translation and not understanding what is sung in your favorite songs! But all this can be avoided if you start learning at least one foreign language — English. At the moment, it is the most widespread in the world

Memory training

Exercises for learning a foreign language and memorizing words are the best simulator for memory. Learn new words, poems in a foreign language, memorize expressions - this helps to improve memory. Daily lessons of 15 minutes will bring success.

New opportunities

You never know what knowledge you may need tomorrow, so knowing an additional foreign language or even a few will never hurt, especially in business, career, personal life, etc.

Scientific and methodical message was prepared by s. teacher O.Petrov

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